Certain Beliefs.

This post is aimed at Americans (legal or illegal) who believe the U.S. Constitution is outmoded, that Socialism or Communism is a preferable system of government, that America is systemically racist, that African Americans are entitled to slavery reparations; aimed at Americans who support repeal of the 2nd amendment, BLM, Antifa, WOKE policies, Critical Race Theory, Gender Fluidity, mandated Covid vaccine policy, suppression of Free Speech, Climate Change and the goals of the World Economic Forum. By no means is this a complete list. In summary, if you believe you are entitled to anything supplied to you by the Federal, State or Local governments — outside of what you pay for in taxes (water, garbage pickup, national defense, etc), then, yes, the following comments are aimed at you, regardless of your race, religion, gender, age, IQ, marital status, sexual preference, skin color, dirt poor, filthy rich or in between.

Certain Beliefs of One American Citizen

Life is the Supreme Gift.

Dishonoring Life is the love of Evil.

Individual Freedom is and always has been America’s heart, soul and sinew.

All of history proves that socialism or communism, by whatever name called, and to whatever degree applied, relies on the subjugation of all people and ownership of all essential human needs and services. This is not opinion.

Individuals who think they are entitled to the respect or esteem of others have neither respect or esteem for themselves.

Any American listed as a dependent on a parent’s (or guardian’s) tax return should not have voting privileges.

Regardless of skin color, individuals who support BLM are swindlers.

Antifa individuals are nothing more than common criminals — guilty of theft, destruction and murder.

School boards, administrators and teachers who approve and facilitate CRT, sexual indoctrination and gender studies in elementary school, are the Devil’s Disciples. Period.

WOKE sport organizations – professional and amateur — that allow transgender women, regardless of ability, to play on women’s teams, should be renounced and abandoned by players, coaches and fans.

Military leaders who support WOKE policies have betrayed themselves and their country, and thus should suffer court martial.

Like BLM advocates, Climate Change activists are chisilers and grifters.

The Covid Cabal — Fauci, Biden, the Democrat Party, DHHS, The CDC, the NIH, the WHO, Big Pharma, Big Media, Big Tech, Big Retail Pharmacies, various Governors, various MD’s and leaders of all HMOs — are guilty of continuous, premeditated genocide, or accessories to genocide; thus equally guilty of contributing to death and destruction.

Individuals, regardless of skin color, who believe that Education, Housing, Healthcare and other taxpayer subsidies should be free, should immediately emigrate to the Socialistic countries of their choice.

Until individual African Americans decide to lose “African” and decide they are not inferior, they will remain self-induced victims — under-educated, resentful, bitter slaves to politicians who only want their votes.

Individual politicians — Presidents, Members of Congress, Governors, Members of the Supreme Court — who put their political careers ahead of The Constitution and their country, should suffer public exposure and exile.

If you happened to read this far, your eyebrows likely oscillated a few times, perhaps violently. To be fair, the diplomatic words of this cowboy more clearly and succinctly articulate the true American spirit.




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