Wrong Thing.

It’s not brain surgery. The secret to success, that is.  The promise of learning a secret or two very often is the impulse behind the sale of self-help books. So, if you can’t unravel the secret of success on your own, you can find thousands of weighty books that reveal everything you need to know, in intricate detail. Or you can simply visit two things: 1. The Ten Commandments, especially 5-10; and 2. The School of Common Sense that lives in your gut. Common sense quickly implores you — always do the right thing. The commandments instruct you to renounce murder, theft, falsehood, gluttony, adultery, etc. In a nutshell, that’s the secret a thousand books preach. Millions of Americans try to do the right thing. Easy enough to know, easy to say, not that easy to do faithfully, is it Matilda? But Americans do try. Educate themselves, learn a skill, work, raise families, support charities, pay taxes. Many of them, ambushed by personal hardship and choices, struggle, stumble, fall and fail. But they still pick themselves up and stay the course of doing the right thing. Yet, no matter how rigorously they work to contribute and succeed in life, they see their country flounder. Now, fear occupies a place at every table, every day. Trust has vanished. Fear of war is real as the China, Russia, N. Korea and Iran axis develops rapidly. Inflation steals wages and savings, viciously escalating the cost of living for those experiencing depression-like conditions. Bank failures spread fear and threaten financial collapse.  Thoroughly disgraced, the nation’s public health nexus with Big Pharma has destroyed belief in the entire medical community. The doubling-down of Covid policy continues to spread disgrace and disgust. Most troubling for those who do the right thing is having to witness a fractured Federal Government — entirely responsible for doing the wrong thing — for raping The Constitution and besmirching America’s  sovereign principles. A weak, embarrassing foreign policy is the wrong thing. Promoting racism is the wrong thing. Sponsoring WOKE and ESG is the wrong thing. Funding abortion is the wrong thing. Indoctrinating children is the wrong thing. Canceling energy independence is the wrong thing. Nullifying border immigration law is the wrong thing. Weaponizing Federal Justice agencies is the wrong thing. Instigating frenzied Federal spending is the wrong thing. The American people had nothing to do with the wrong thing. That blame falls directly to the Supreme Court, to Congress and to the Executive Branch. Make no mistake. America’s collapsing foundation is not the fault of The People — it is the premeditated action — and inaction — of 545 elected administrators employed by the electorate — aided in no small way by key co-conspirators — the Media Industrial Complex and America’s intellectual, moneyed class. The Media can no longer lay claim to the title of Journalist. The Fourth Estate, long proud to be America’s guardian, is now a government puppet. To be fair, America was oozing blood for decades, but a hemorrhage erupted with the election of B. Obama who, to his credit, showed his Marxist hand. The rest is a history of absolute corruption. Short of apocalyptic war, America will remain a country. You will have to wait and see how much the people can tolerate living under something called the United Socialist States of America (USSA).  One more wrong thing.

ED. Note: Coming elections will not solve America’s dire straits. The Federal Government must be restrained. It will not, perhaps can not, restrain itself structurally. Article V of The Constitution is the only available “secret to success.” The question: Do the American people have the will, the love of country, to make a call to their local State representation? It’s not brain surgery. DT






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