No Illusions.

The election is over. Say that again. The election is over. Political TV ads have ended. Say that again. Political TV ads have ended. Donald won. Say that again. Donald won. Hillary lost. Say that again, again and again. Hillary lost. America won. Say that again. America won. You’re happy to leave post election analyses to the self avowed experts who astonishingly earn money stating the obvious — after the fact. Unlike those experts, you must avoid taking credit for predicting (perhaps wishing) in advance the rise of a new political coalition that transcends the GOP and for suggesting months ago that pollsters were overlooking the long overdue awakening of a silent majority. You see, amateur opinions tend to evaporate more quickly than a single raindrop on sizzling concrete. All the silent majority can do now is wait to see if a true Outsider can be true to his stated agenda — to see if he relentlessly “drains the swamp” or to see if the swamp sucks him into its suffocating, cloying grasp. You have no illusions. For appearances sake, the Establishment of both parties may let Trump visit The Club, but his name will never come up for membership. The GOP will cooperate with him, but only on a few key issues, and only because career pols would rather kill their first born than risk a midterm pink slip. You have no illusions. Despite Trump’s far reaching agenda announced at Gettysburg, there is nothing in it about reducing the size and reach of the Federal Government by shrinking or eliminating departments and agencies. Nothing about the Department of Education, about HUD, about the EPA, about Energy, about FEMA, about the IRS and hundreds of agencies that help drive America deeper and deeper into cataclysmic debt. You have no illusions. Undeniably, the unelected Federal Bureaucracy behaves as the Fourth Branch of government, created by decades of Congressional abuse, ambition and greed. Eliminating lethal toe fungus would be a picnic compared to expunging that bureaucracy. You have no illusions. Trump is one man. The swamp is vast. The forces aligned against him now are the same forces aligned against him during the first GOP debate — which includes everyone but the “deplorables” who voted for him. Realistically, he can lower the swamp a foot or two. But there is only one remedy to save America from becoming what the Founders feared most — centralized tyranny. That remedy is a Convention of States provided through Article V of The Constitution. At the beginning, the States created the Federal Government. The States have always had the power. The States have abrogated that power. It’s time to exercise it. You have to help make it happen. It’s time.

Beat The Odds.

You woke up in the early morning of November 9 and went straight to the obituaries. You scanned dozens, looking for the name America, certain that she finally bit the dust. She had been terminally ill for years, each year becoming weaker, vital organs deteriorating one by one. And just the day before, all the medical experts said it was only a matter of hours. She was taken off life support. The clergy arrived to administer last rites. Then you saw it. Not on the obit page. But on the front page, top of the fold, the massive headline shouted: AMERICA LIVES. The story said she encountered a near death experience, only to revive and proclaim a cure of epic proportion. My God, Matilda, can you believe it? Think of the odds. Think of the massive opposition.** Contrary to historic behavior for sitting Presidents, Barak Obama stumped vigorously for Hillary, imploring, if not demanding, that African Americans must do their duty. The Major Media Complex eviscerated Trump every hour on the hour in ways seen and unseen. The pillars of the GOP Establishment — the Bush Family, Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, John McCain, Lindsay Graham, John Kasich, Rob Portman, Ben Sasse, Ron Paul and many sitting  Congressmen — publicly rejected him and worked to derail a GOP victory. The self avowed Conservative punditry, including Glenn Beck, Erick Erickson, George Will, Bill Kristol, David French, Brad Thor and many others — hammered him relentlessly during and after the primaries, vowed never to compromise their lofty principles; and publicly said they would not vote for him. You ask yourself repeatedly — what possible motive could persuade staunch public figures to hand back the White House keys to  the Clinton Crime Family? What do these people have to lose? What do they fear? You want the answer to be simple. It’s not. Some of the them dislike Donald, dislike him viscerally, to their very core. Some of them distrust his temperament, believing he’s unqualified to play a necessary and serious political game. As crippled as America is, some do believe in an all powerful, centralized government dedicated to globalism. On a personal level, some may see him as a threat to their own relevance. But the root cause of their discontent is this: Donald Trump unceremoniously crashed their party. A TRUE OUTSIDER is simply not allowed. Obama at least “organized” communities and briefly sat in the Senate. The hated Ted Cruz was a state solicitor general and Washington lawmaker. Everyone — EVERYONE — on the national stage has done time — school board, city council, mayor, ward leader, state legislator, fundraiser, precinct worker — SOMETHING, SOME INVESTMENT, SOME CONTRIBUTION. YOU JUST DON’T DECIDE BECAUSE YOU’RE A RICH DUDE YOU CAN WALTZ IN HERE AND STEAL THIS JOB WHEN ALL OF US OUT HERE HAVE BEEN BUSTING ASS FOR DECADES, HELPING ELECT EACH OTHER, FIGHTING THE FIGHT. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? YOU HAVE TO EARN YOUR WAY IN THIS BUSINESS. YOU HAVE TO EARN YOUR STRIPES. YOU HAVE TO DESERVE THOSE STRIPES. And that’s the bottom line. Donald Trump occupies a unique place in American history. He stands completely alone. Only five presidents before him never held elected office; however, every one of those five  “worked” for the Federal Government. Zachary Taylor, Ulysses Grant and Dwight Eisenhower were military commanders. William Howard Taft was Secretary of War. Herbert Hoover was Secretary of Commerce. Twenty-five years ago, Reagan tore down the Berlin wall. Five days ago, Trump knocked down the Beltway Club door — a door open only to Insiders. Every Insider owes allegiances. As in the Mafia, you have to be “made” to earn a seat at the table. Whatever his accomplishments may prove to be, Donald Trump will never be accepted by the Washington aristocracy. He is too much like the people who elected him — ordinary American citizens who bleed red, white and blue. He stood alone. He beat the odds.



Former Sec. of State Colin Powell
New York Rep. Richard Hanna
Richard Armitage, deputy secretary of state under George W. Bush
Former New Jersey Gov. Christine Todd WhitmanFormer Conn. Rep. Chris Shays
Former Minnesota Gov. Arne Carlson
Sally Bradshaw, adviser to Jeb Bush
Meg Whitman, Republican fundraiser
Mark Salter, former aide McCain speechwriter
Robert Kagan, senior fellow, Brookings Institution
David Ross Meyers, former George W. Bush staffer
Harry Sloan, GOP financier for McCain, Romney, and Kasich
Cindy Guerra, former GOP chair, FLA
Lionel Sosa, adman for Reagan & GW
Ben Howe, con. editor, RedState website
Jamie Weinstein, sr. ed., Daily Caller
Carlos Gutierrez, former Sec’y of Commerce
Rosario Marin, former U.S. Treasurer
Richard J. Cross, III, GOP Speechwriter
Former Va. Sen. John Warner
Former New York Rep. Sherwood Boehlert
Former MD Rep. Connie Morella
Former MN Sen. David Durenberger
Michael Chertoff, former Secretary of HS for GW
Frank Lavin, former Reagan political director
Phil Brady, assistant to VP George H.W. Bush
Jim Cicconi, asst to Reagan
James Clad, former asst defense sec’y
Former MD state Sen. Howard Denis
Doug Elmets, former Reagan speechwriter
Miguel “Mike” Fernandez, Miami billionaire for Jeb
Charles Fried, US solicitor general under Reagan
Diedra Garcia, Colo. Chamber of Commerce CEO
New Hampshire State Rep. Carlos Gonzalez*
James Kunder, former Bush assistant administrator for Asia
Jimmy LaSalvia, co-founder, GOProud
Jennifer Pierotti Lim, co-founder, GOP Women for Hillary
Former U.S. Treasurer Rosario Marin
Former Penn. State Sen. Jack McGregor
John Negroponte, deputy secretary of state for GW
David Nierenberg, former finance chair for Romney
Richard Painter, former associate counsel to GW
Henry M. Paulson, Jr., former Treasury Sec’y
William A. Pierce, former public affairs sec’y, H & Human Services
William K. Reilly, former EPA admin.
Nicholas Rostow, former special assistant to Reagan and George H.W.
Deborah Loewer, Rear Admiral, U.S. Navy (Ret.)
William Ruckelshaus, Former EPA Administrator to Reagan and Nixon
Scott Rutter, Lt Col, U.S. Army (Ret.) Romney for President
Claudine Schneider, Former U.S. Congresswoman
John J.H. Schwarz, Former MI Congressman
Brent Scowcroft, Former Nat’l Sec. Adv. to Ford and George H.W. Bush
Rick Stoddard, Rep. and Banker in Denver
Ambassador Pete Teeley, Press Sec’y to VP George H.W. Bush
Robert H. Tuttle, Former Asst. to Reagan;
Lezlee Westine, Former Director of Public Liaison
Grant Woods, Arizona Attorney General
Larry Pressler, former U.S. House of Representatives
William Milliken, Michigan Governor
Louis Wade Sullivan, sec’y, H & H services under George H.W.
Donald Gregg: VP George H.W. nat’l sec. adv.
Former New Hampshire Sen. Gordon Humphrey
Ana Navarro, Republican strategist


Illinois Sen. Mark Kirk*
Maine Sen. Susan Collins*
Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse*
South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham (2016 presidential candidate)*
Virginia Rep. Scott Rigell
Florida Rep. Carlos Curbelo
Mass. Gov. Charlie Baker
Florida Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen*
Iowa Sen. David Johnson (formerly Republican, now an Independent)*
Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan*
Mich. Rep. Justin Amash*
South Carolina Rep. Mark Sanford*
Wisconsin Rep. Reid Ribble*
Illinois Rep. Bob Dold*
Dave Yost, Ohio auditor of state
Illinois Rep. Adam Kinzinger*
Mitt Romney, 2012 GOP nominee, former Massachusetts governor
Former Fla. Sen. Mel Martinez
Former Minn. Sen. Norm Coleman
Former Texas Rep. Ron Paul
Eliot Cohen, counselor of the Department of State
Former Fla. Gov. Jeb Bush, 2016 Republican presidential candidate
Former Okla. Rep. J.C. WattsFormer Penn. Gov. Tom Ridge
Paul Wolfowitz, deputy secretary of defense for George W. Bush
Former Oklahoma Rep. Mickey Edwards
Rudy Fernandez, former special assistant to George W. Bush
Former South Carolina Rep. Bob Inglis
Ken Mehlman, former Republican National Committee chairman
Patrick Ruffini, Republican strategist and early #NeverTrump adopter
Tim Miller, former spokesman for Jeb Bush
Peter Wehner, GOP strategis
Liz Mair, GOP strategist
Rick Wilson, Republican operative
Stuart Stevens, top strategist, Romney 2012
Kevin Madden, former Mitt Romney communications director
Bill Kristol, editor of the Weekly Standard
Erick Erickson, conservative, former editor of RedState
Steve Deace, conservative commentator and radio talk show host
Brian Bartlett, GOP communications strategist
Jay Caruso, contributing editor at RedState
Linda Chavez, conservative columnist
Mindy Finn, GOP media strategist, independent VP candidate
Jon Gabriel, editor-in-chief of Ricochet
Stephen Hayes, senior writer at The Weekly Standard
Glenn Beck, host of The Glenn Beck Program and founder of TheBlaze
Nathan Wurtzel, Make America Awesome Again super PAC
George Will, Washington Post columnist and Fox News commentator
Bruce Carroll, creator of
Mona Charen, senior fellow at Ethics and Public Policy Center
Dean Clancy, former FreedomWorks vice president
Rory Cooper, GOP strategist, senior adviser to the Never Trump PAC
Daniel Vajdich, senior fellow at the Atlantic Council
Michael Graham, conservative radio host
Connor Walsh, former digital director for Eric Cantor, founder of Build Digital
Jonah Goldberg, senior editor at National Review
Alan Goldsmith, former staffer, House Foreign Affairs Committee
Stephen Gutowski, Free Beacon staff writer
Ross Douthat, New York Times columnist
Doug Heye, former communications director for the Republican National Committee
Brad Thor, conservative author
Charlie Sykes, radio show host
Erik Soderstrom, conservative blogger
David French, National Review writer
Jennifer Rubin, conservative opinion columnist for the Washington Post
Quin Hillyer, conservative columnist
Utah Rep. Mia Love*
Nevada Sen. Joe Heck*
Ariz. Sen. John McCain*
New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayotte*
W. Va. Sen. Shelley Moore Capito*
Ohio Sen. Rob Portman*
Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski*
Ohio Gov. John Kasich, former 2016 presidential candidate*
Utah Gov. Gary Herbert*
Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley*
Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval*
Nevada Rep. Crescent Hardy*
California Rep. Steve Knight
Pennsylvania Rep. Charlie Dent*
Florida Rep. Tom Rooney*
California Rep. David G. Valadao*
New Jersey Rep. Frank LoBiondo*
Minnesota Rep. Erik Paulsen*
Frmr Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty
Frmr California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger
New Jersey Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno*

Source: NBC

The Bugle Blew.

The Bugle Blew.

As the pundits bicker, rehash and state the obvious, it’s altogether appropriate, and perhaps self serving, to suggest that many ordinary citizens understood the Trump phenomenon. This reprint of an article that published one week after Independence Day, with certain passages highlighted, recognizes the new President’s neglected, forsaken, unappreciated  trump card. Ed.

Spotting an accomplished phony isn’t all that easy. But you think most people disagree with that opinion. You think most people believe they can smell a scam and see right through the smoke and mirrors. They walk into car dealerships fully prepared to match wits with the false fronts and sweet talk. They sit with financial planners, attorneys, bankers, insurance agents and all manner of tradesmen, ever watchful for the snow job and the song and dance. They’re accustomed to hearing politicians pile on the bull, then flushing all of it in a matter of seconds. . . at least, until this election. Never have two candidates been more barefaced. The audacious Donald Trump is too cocky and conceited to tell a lie, and Hillary Clinton is too unclean and defective to tell the truth. Both of them — utterly transparent. Hillary’s most ardent supporters have no illusions about their champion’s shifty, sinister behavior. They know she’s a supervillain; but, c’mon, she’s their very own supervillain. She could stand on any stage and yell,”Read my lips, you idiots, I’m lying and I’m proud of it.” Instead, in a carefully modulated tone, like all expert con artists, she lies calmly, sounding so very balanced, so very reasonable, so very caring, so very unifying, so very conscientious. Women love her for the most lofty and intellectual of all reasons — she’s a woman. Duh! African Americans love her because incomprehensible stupidity has become a habit of people who ironically hate being called inferior. Wall Street and the Banking Industry love her because Big Government and Big Money, like the world’s oldest profession, shack up every day in a frolicking pay for play scheme. The Federal Bureaucracy, the Teacher’s Unions, the Attorneys, the National Non-Profits, the Insurance Industry, the Illegal Immigrants, the Puerile Millennials, the Climate Change Brigade and Higher Education Scholars — all love her because they love riding the Gravy Train Express. And you must never forget the true blue Democrats who would vote for Freddy Kruger before they would back any vile Republican. With apologies to Freddy, Trump could be the Democrat’s worst nightmare. He doesn’t greet his audience like Homer Stokes, to ask, “Is you or is you ain’t my constituency?” Trump in fact has no defined constituency. The Republican Establishment continuously wrings its anxious hands in mourning, refusing to embrace this loutish outsider. Evangelicals, faithful to principles of morality, decency, marriage and fidelity, fall on bent knee to rationalize how they could possibly support a flawed candidate. The Tea Party faithful wait impatiently for the Queens billionaire to wear the  Cape of Absolute Conservatism. They wait in vain. In the spirit of domestic abuse, women of every stripe struggle with insults from the big, white, rich dude whose style screams “BULLY.” Unflinching, Trump takes the stage to tell the unvarnished truth, as if to  say, “Look, folks, I really don’t care if you like me or not.” Unlike his rival, he speaks off the cuff, unmodulated, unbalanced, at times unreasonable, and accused of being uncaring and divisive. There you have it. Two candidates. One who has a dozen pledged constituencies carefully secured in her rather generous hip pocket. The other who has not one constituency to offset something else he does have — the overt hostility of Media, Wall Street and the Beltway Establishment. Yet, just today, respected pollsters say the race may be a dead heat. Surely, this announcement must be faulty. If not, there can be only one explanation. You misspoke. Contrary to your assertion, Trump  does indeed have a constituency, unnamed and ignored by media and political pundits — that constituency is America’s Middle Class, that sizable group of people who have been kicked to the side of the road and forgotten by the Obama administration. Clinton draws her primary support from the top — the wealthy crony class that sucks voraciously at the teat of Big Government; and from the bottom — the so-called poor class that spends a lifetime embracing victimization and dependency. The middle class doesn’t know much about either  riches or dependency. These are the small business owner, the sole proprietor, the tradesman, the nurse, the farmer, the doctor, the engineer, the caregiver — millions of unappreciated slugs who, without fanfare or recognition, work every single day, pay taxes, and support their communities and families. These are the independent, unsung heroes that politicians fear most. If Trump has an army, this is it. Blow the bugle.

It did. Ed.


The ranting and raving of critical Dick.