Flawed Choices.

Many millions of judgmental Americans must bow their heads and admit they have been wrong. These critics, you among them, are guilty of unmercifully excoriating Joe Biden and the Democrat Party for socialistic policies. You must now acknowledge the President’s daring display of political integrity — the generosity of his spirit. Always selfless, Mr. Biden has set aside politics and modest self interest to make a humanitarian decision — to instruct the FDA to ban the production and sale of fried chicken and a beverage known as “grape drank” — allegedly the food of choice of Black America. Courageously, Mr. Biden is the first President in your lifetime, and perhaps in U.S. history, to suggest publicly that Black Americans do not have the intellect and self discipline to manage their hazardous food intake. You can understand Mr. Biden’s perspective. It is a parent’s perspective. How many times, as a parent, might Mr. Biden have prevented his innocent children from making poor decisions? How many times might he have said to them, “Kids, this home is not a democracy.” Like millions of other parents, he, like you, was a benevolent dictator, making decisions for offspring who could not be trusted to make decisions for themselves — they lacking the requisite intelligence, experience and self-control. If Black Americans do not reject unhealthy food, what other needless blunders are they making or will they make? You can’t be certain, but the President’s fried chicken initiative may finally bring a realization to all Americans — that from America’s inception, the idea of individual sovereignty was a fated, idealistic experiment — that the Bill of Rights could only lead to a free people making flawed choices — that individual freedom could never lead to equal outcomes. Or to true fairness. Or to a level playing field. And could never eliminate the painful imbalances in society. Mr. Biden’s message is clear. Most of America’s problems — inequality, systemic racism, poverty, obesity, physical suffering, police brutality, ignorance, oppression, unemployment — are tied directly to social injustice and severe lack of vigorous governmental oversight. Banning menthol cigarettes, fried chicken and grape soda is a tiny step — just a beginning — in righting many, many wrongs. Many Black Americans will protest being treated as ignorant; but in time, they will do what they’ve always done. They will listen to “their betters” — their Democrat betters who are dedicated to doing for Black communities what those communities cannot do for themselves. Mr. Biden might say that America’s best and brightest in Washington should have a role in all consumer choices by repealing a Constitution that has no relevance in 2021; and draft a new covenant that puts fairness ahead of fame and tolerance over triumph. Mr. Biden has a sense of global synergy — the cooperation necessary to save the planet and share resources. Even more critical, he understands that America simply is not able to flourish in a global society that puts individual attainment ahead of collective success. The detestable, individual craving to win can only come at the expense of those who lose. Like all true leaders, Mr. Biden will expect some vigorous push back to his benevolent oversight. But, as a successful spouse and parent, he is determined to supervise the behaviors of all segments of U.S. society — to create uniform standards across neighborhoods, cities and States. He has chosen Black Americans for his beta test, recognizing their addictive nature, frivolous culture and inability to make strides on their own. Eventually, therefore, all businesses, all products and all individuals, will necessarily be subject to a Federal Oversight Commission charged with eradicating inequity, inequality and iniquity. It’s a tall order, even for a giant mind. Not a job for the chickenhearted.


Free To Choose?

The vaccine issue in America needs some discussion. Not enough has been said by enough experts. Not enough speculation. Not enough suspicion. Not enough promotion. Not enough suppression. Not enough explanation. You wish Brad Pitt and Taylor Swift would give you the benefit of their brilliant insights. Last you heard, something over 130 million Americans have welcomed at least one shot. Like celebrities, some proudly wear badges. Last time you checked, the number of confirmed Covid cases stood at 31,350,025, with 561,921 deaths. That statistic means 98.3% of infected people did not die. Hold your judgment, please. Now pick an agency — any agency — to estimate the number of actual Covid cases in America. The answer is somewhere between 3-9 times the 31+ million. To be conservative, pick 3% and a more realistic number of America’s infections is closer to 100 million, accompanied by the same 561,921 deaths. If the math is accurate, that statistic means 99.994 percent of infected Americans did not die. Well, Matilda, tell that to the families who lost a loved one. If there is truth in numbers, the elderly (65-up) represent over 75% of fatalities. If you include the 50-up group, the figure is a whopping 94%. But the CDC reports that the “vast majority of those admitted to intensive care (78%) had at least one underlying health condition, such as hypertension, diabetes, pulmonary disease or obesity.” The undeniable fact is this — Covid targets the aged and the unwell. Even so, you dare not gloss over the fact that Covid took the lives of some young, healthy people — called outlier victims — and no expert knows why.

Statistics tell you what. But they don’t tell you why.

Why do Government agencies and Media spread panic that Covid is a death sentence?

Why doesn’t the Government and Media routinely promote Vitamin D & C and Zinc to help build immunity?

Why do Government and Media produce a barrage of ads to push everyone to take an experimental vaccine — the first of its kind?

Why do Government and Media proclaim that the vaccines are safe when no one really knows about the long term efficacy?

Why are Government and Media allowed to produce TV advertising promoting Covid vaccines without the side effect disclaimers listed for all other advertised drugs?

Why does Government and Media suppress the testimony of reputable physicians who are using repurpose drugs successfully to treat Covid?

Why does Government prohibit pharmacies from filling doctor prescriptions for repurpose drugs — drugs used worldwide?

Why doesn’t Government and Media report the plans and expectations for Covid booster shots?

Just say it. You don’t trust Government, especially when it and Big Business and Big Media sing from the same song sheet. So far, people are free to choose. Based on experience in 2020 and 2021, you doubt that freedom will survive. Covid is the ideal justification — a pretext — to complete the Federal takeover of the Healthcare Industry — what is fondly known as Socialized Medicine. Giant, private healthcare networks are already falling in line. If that reality comes to pass, kiss your self determination and free will goodbye. Can’t happen in America? Get real.

No More. No Less.

The portion of the script below is taken from the screenplay written by Abby Mann for the 1961 film Judgment At Nuremberg. if you’re reading this, and were a high school senior in 1961, you would have been a toddler at the end of WWII. Odds are you didn’t see this film as a teen. Today, you would be 80-81. Which means you are among 2-3% of the U.S, population. Which means most Americans never heard of Judgment At Nuremberg. The film was nominated for 11 AA, winning four (4). One of those was for actor Maximillian Schell, now deceased; another for Mann. The speech below, at a Military Tribunal, is Schell’s closing argument in defense of a German officer accused of crimes against humanity. You read this speech a dozen times. Why? Because it applies to high crimes at any point in history — and who is responsible. Who is responsible for crimes against humanity — against your own people? You believe Abby Mann wrote something for mankind to ponder, perhaps for always. For today, you make a humble attempt to very loosely replicate this speech as it applies to 2021. Thank you, Mr. Mann.

Hans Rolfe (Maximillian Schell

Your Honor…
it is my duty…
to defend Ernst Janning.
And yet, Ernst Janning has said he is guilty.
There is no doubt he feels his guilt.

He made a great error
in going along with the Nazi movement….
hoping it would be good for his country.
But if he is to be found guilty…
there are others who also went along….
who also must be found guilty.

Ernst Janning said:
“We succeeded beyond our wildest dreams.”

Why did we succeed, Your Honor?
What about the rest of the world?
Did it not know the intentions
of the Third Reich?
Did it not hear the words
of Hitler’s broadcasts all over the world?
Did it not read his intentions
in Mein Kampf…
published in every corner of the world?
Where is the responsibility
of the Soviet Union…
who signed in
the pact with Hitler…
enabled him to make war?
Are we now to find Russia guilty?
Where is the responsibility of the Vatican…
who signed in the concordat
with Hitler…
giving him his first tremendous prestige?
Are we now to find the Vatican guilty?
Where is the responsibility
of the world leader Winston Churchill…
who said in an open letter
to the London Times:
“Were England to suffer a national disaster,
I should pray to God…
to send a man of the strength of mind
and will of an Adolf Hitler.”
Are we now
to find Winston Churchill guilty?
Where is the responsibility
of those American industrialists…
who helped Hitler to rebuild his armaments,
and profited by that rebuilding?
Are we now to find
the American industrialists guilty?
No, Your Honor.
Germany alone is not guilty.
The whole world is as responsible for Hitler
as Germany.
It is an easy thing
to condemn one man in the dock.
It’s easy to condemn the German people…
to speak of the basic flaw
in the German character…
that allowed Hitler to rise to power,
but also…
comfortably ignore
the basic flaws of character…
that made the Russians sign pacts with him,
Winston Churchill praise him…
American industrialists profit by him.

Ernst Janning said he is guilty.

If he is…
Ernst Janning’s guilt is the world’s guilt.

No more, no less.

Fodder Replication

Your Honor…
it is my duty…
to defend the Old Democrat Party
And yet, the Democrat Party is guilty.
There is no doubt Democrats feel the guilt.

Traditional Democrats made a grave error
in going along with the Communist movement….
hoping it would be good for their country.
But if they are to be found guilty…
there are others who also went along….
who also must be found guilty.

Democrats said:
“We succeeded beyond our wildest dreams.”

Why did we succeed, Your Honor?
What about the rest of America?
Did the rest of America not know the intentions
of Obama, Biden, BLM, Antifa and Cancel Culture?
Did America not hear the words
of Obama, Biden, Harris, Cortez and other Leftists
broadcast by left wing media?
Did America not read the intentions
of the Radical Democrat Party
published in every corner of the nation?
Where is the responsibility
of Republican Party leaders
who refused to unite behind Trump?
Who enabled Democrats to lie and cheat?
Are we now to find the GOP guilty?
Where is the responsibility of Governors
and State Legislators who rolled over?
Who allowed terrorists to destroy their cities?
Who shut down their state economies?
Are we now to find the Governors guilty?
Where is the responsibility
of Business Leaders and Major Corporations?
who give money to Communist organizations
and support Cancel Culture and Critical Race Theory?
Where is the responsibility of Educators
who choose social indoctrination over education?
Are we now to find all teachers guilty?
Where is the responsibility
of so-called conservative Americans
who whine and moan about Socialism,
yet go along with it as they sit on the sidelines?
Is the average hard-working American guilty?

No, Your Honor.
the Democrat Party alone is not guilty.
Most of America is just as responsible
for Socialism as the Democrat Party.
It is an easy thing
to condemn a few people like Obama, Clinton, Pelosi & Biden.
It’s easy to condemn the Democrat voters…
to speak of the basic flaws
in the Democrat voter’s character…
that allowed Biden to rise to power,
but, then, also…
comfortably ignore
the basic flaws of character…
that made the GOP disloyal to Donald Trump,
That made Big Media corrupt its sacred trust,
That made Big Business sell its soul
That made the Average American abandon freedom
And made the Average American get in line.

The Democrat Party is guilty,

If it is…
the guilt is America’s guilt.

No more, no less.

The ranting and raving of critical Dick.