Standing Isn’t Enough.

You are routinely proud to proclaim your love of and dedication to Freedom. Sporting events ritualistically pay homage to Mother Freedom. Americans make a point of paying homage to men and women, many in their teens, buried on foreign soil and lying at rest at home — generations upon generations of them who “gave their last full measure of devotion.” Yet you must suggest all that patriotic posturing is just that — posturing — sincere and heartfelt enough, certainly, but inconsequential, as your precious Freedom crumples in the face of onrushing tyranny. You can hear the cries of derision now: “You’re nothing but a vindictive rabble rouser, spouting a gross, indefensible exaggeration. This is the freest country on earth.” Tell it to Tom Jefferson and ask if he agrees. He would tell you something about the “illusion of Freedom.” He would remind you that The Constitution gave the Federal Government “enumerated powers.” For those of you who don’t like to read, “enumerated” means “defined” and thus limited — in this case, very limited. Contrarily, the several States were given broad sovereignty over what you might call “domestic affairs.” The Founders had a reason for limiting the Federal Government to “enumerated powers.” Perhaps you have a sneaking suspicion what their motive was. Think back to that pivotal time in history. They had just defeated a King’s tyranny. America lives today because a few brave people hated that tyranny. No other reason. And these very people then set about to put into place a system that would place shackles on the power of any central authority that might one day mutate into tyranny — the one outcome Tom and his pals feared above all others. Well Tom, short of your beloved Republic being conquered by a foreign power, your greatest fear has been realized. Your Central Authority of these United States, step by step, has seized power and control over every aspect of American life. The 50 United States are neither united nor sovereign. Worse, they are irrelevant, having given away their sovereignty and bowed to “peaceful tyranny.” Your brilliant Balance of Powers is AWOL. Congress is a dysfunctional house of cards. The Supreme Court has completely eviscerated your master work. And Lady Justice weeps behind her blindfold, her scales mangled. The Central Authority regulates and controls banking, publicly held business, privately held business, energy, transportation, education, healthcare, human services, housing, urban development, labor, homeland security, immigration and agriculture, to name a handful of jurisdictions. The Federal Register lists 440 Federal entities. But no one knows how many really exist. No matter who is President, no matter how many new congressmen are elected or how many incumbents are reelected, no matter which party is in power, the Federal Government will continue to enlarge, spend indiscriminately, fall deeper into crushing debt and forever tighten its grip on the lives of the People. The States will collect taxes and spend that money precisely the way Federal agencies tell them to spend it. But in the midst of this political maelstrom, you do see the lamp of Freedom still shining brightly. It is no illusion. American citizens in 12 States have decided that publicly standing up to honor fallen heroes is not honor nearly enough — that allowing Freedom to fall with them is having them die in vain. Twelve states — Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Louisiana, Missouri, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Texas — have ratified the Resolution to hold a Convention of States for the purpose of restoring The Constitution and ending tyranny. Americans claim they love Freedom. Lawmakers stand and solemnly swear to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States. You stand for the Pledge of Allegiance. You stand for the National Anthem. Standing isn’t enough. Is it, Tom?

Are They Serious?

The preoccupation with Death in America shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. There was a time when Life shared at least top billing and perhaps it still does in some significant ways. But not while the Grim Reaper performs at the top of His game. Currently, Old Scratch has a thriving operation. He seldom goes into His office since business is, shall you say, running on automatic pilot. He can always rely on disease, accident, murder and decay to keep pace with Life. His Wholesale Divisions specialize in war, massacre, disaster and terrorism — these are the catastrophic events that dramatically inflate His bottom line. And when things get a little slow from time to time, the Old Boy gets a lot of help. He counts on various accomplices to boost his numbers. One of His favorite cohorts is Planned Parenthood whose factories snuff Life like it’s nothing at all. Another is Death Row — not so efficient, but highly dramatic and stable in the long run. By far, however, one of his most dependable colleagues is Self Destruction. Droves of his best customers apparently believe Life is either too boring, too painful, too bleak — simply too repellent to offer any value. You might say they live on a sort of self-imposed Death Row; but at least they have the freedom to choose the time and method of their denouement — a high place, a wet place, a deadly narcotic, firearm, rope, blade, toxin, CO exhaust. Lucifer isn’t partial to method. He’s only interested in outcome. He disagrees vehemently with those who suggest that Life is inviolate and therefore can not be manipulated by those who believe they own it. The subject is creepy enough, to be sure. But it can’t be avoided can it? Death Row inmates in 31 States live it every day — where the Justice System routinely adjudicates the time and method of their expiration. In opposition, 19 States have resolved that one potentially innocent Life is not theirs to take; ergo, no Life is. Satan Himself has mixed emotions about this dichotomy in the Justice System. Keeping His allies alive is good for business, only if they can support His work. Otherwise, He’s all for pulling the plug. In the interest of fair play, you have a different view. You suggest the Justice System should allow all relevant parties to have a say in the matter of Death. The next of kin could have the choice of personally administering death,  or sparing the accused. As a last request, the remorseful accused could be allowed to choose the manner of execution. For their part, Judges could decide that specific punishments should fit specific crimes — stabbing for stabbing, asphyxiation for asphyxiation, bludgeon for bludgeon.  As for Old Scratch, He couldn’t care less about these judicial proceedings. He’s happy to leave Death Row to the system. He would much rather visit the homes, heads and hearts of his unsuspecting recruits — those he knows are primed to self destruct and, in particular, those poised to destroy others. He revels in His work — in the mammoth size of such a receptive audience. Meanwhile, America remains dumbstruck when Death visits — again and again. America’s loud voices accuse those who must be responsible. America’s loud voices demand to know answers to the question — why do these killings keep happening? Incredulous, Old Scratch listens, smiles and whispers to Himself, “Are they serious?”

Americans Of Today.

Most Americans don’t know beans about The Constitution. This unknowing is perfectly logical. The public education system isn’t interested in the work of a bunch of dead white men. Most Americans don’t know that The Constitution was created in 1787. They don’t know that it was not ratified by all 13 States until May, 1790, a full seven (7) years after the war with Great Britain ended in 1783. For those seven years, there was no Federal Government. The States were sovereign. The newly freed citizens of the new nation weren’t exactly thrilled about the prospect of a Centralized Government. It’s no wonder. They knew all too well what it was like to live under the heavy, oppressive boots of a King. That’s why ratifying The Constitution was no slam dunk. In fact, in March, 1788, Rhode Island actually held a popular referendum to gauge how the rank and file viewed The Constitution. The vote was 237 In Favor and 2708 Against. Two years  later, the vote in the Rhode Island legislature was 34 In Favor and 32 Against. Many of the other States had similar squeaky results.  Americans of today still don’t know that the Americans of yesterday had big misgivings about the reality of a Federal Government. Their concerns were well founded. Because today the States are sovereign no longer. States exist simply as functionaries to a Federal Master.. Unfortunately, too many Americans of today stupidly don’t care about local sovereignty. Americans of today don’t even know that the States were intended  to run their own affairs with very little oversight from the newly formed Federal Government. That intention crashed in the 20th century, hammered continuously by the imperious arm of the SCOTUS. Today, people foolishly don’t know or care that their States have completely subjugated themselves to the Federal Government and have allowed their own citizens to be ruled by the Washington Beltway Club.

Original vs Annotated Constitution

Something else oblivious Americans know nothing about is this — they are not governed by The Constitution — not as it was written. Instead, they are governed by what is known as the “Annotated” Constitution — thousands of pages of impressions, assumptions, suppositions, opinions, speculation and interpretation — rulings handed down by the autocratic Supreme Court — a self-important committee of individuals who, in direct violation of The Constitution, gave unlimited power to the Federal Government, rendering The States irrelevant. But, whatever you do, don’t overlook “the rest of the story.” The States have a bulletproof trump card, no pun intended. The Founders didn’t trust central authority. They rightly predicted the emergence of excessive Federal power. Ingeniously, the Framers decided they would not allow the Federal Government  to develop into a dictatorship — without providing some type of corrective remedy.  So they gave America — the people — Article V.

Article V gives the States of America true Absolute Power to put handcuffs on the Federal Government. The move to do just that is now underway through the Convention of States Project (COS). The COS million-person army has mobilized. The battle is being waged in every State. The weighty questions are these:

Will lawmakers in 34 states have the guts  to act?

Will 34 States invoke absolute  power?

Will the States  honor the original Constitution on behalf of a free people?

Are the Americans of today worthy of the Americans of  yesterday?

The ranting and raving of critical Dick.