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Dick Toomey

Political Parties in America need to disappear. Before you dismiss this recommendation as a fascist notion, put your prejudice in idle as you shine a light on it. Logically, you might begin with accepted definitions:

The main purpose of political parties is to join people together with similar points of view about government . . . to participate in and influence government by having members elected to government positions.

Or, to bring people together to achieve control of government, develop policies favorable to their interests or the groups that support them, and organize and persuade voters to elect their candidates.

Pretty bland stuff. So is TNT, just sitting there. These definitions sound so democratic, so broad-minded, so equitable — so — legitimate. Yet consider this –  although highly involved in the operation of government at every level, political parties are not the government itself, and our embattled Constitution makes no mention of them. So you have a choice. Decide now to shine a light on the reality of political parties or pretend they are stalwart, heroic guardians of our Republic. Let’s get real. Political parties are Gangs in Suits. That’s the true definition, stripping bare the Party’s lofty disguise. Party affiliated voters like you are rank and file gang members who have blind loyalty, no different than a sport fan’s devotion to a team. These peons have no influence (unless they have deep, deep pockets). They elect leaders who operate at the seats of power. Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Socialist and Communist Parties are represented by the Washington Gangs whose sole purpose is to compete for power. Parties do not exist to serve all the people or even the national interest; they exist primarily to seize control of government (and the Treasury) and consolidate individual and group power. You must acknowledge that the political parties are in a state of perpetual war. The gang hierarchy in Washington is no different than the structures of Cosa Nostra, Crips, Wah Ching, Bloods or Aryan Brotherhood — or any Trade Union. You have the Bosses, Underbosses, Consiglieri, Captains, Enforcers, Soldiers, Recruiters, Money Launderers, etc. The Political Party, as constituted, is antithetical to the tenets of liberty. Consider the preeminent goal of any elected leader: To remain at the seat of power indefinitely. The politician achieves this goal by: 1. rising in Party influence; 2. returning patronage to supporters; 3. obeying Party leadership; 4. growing the size and scope of government; 5. enhancing personal wealth; 6. seeking higher office and 7. raising money. You may reject this summary to suggest that very good people are doing their very best to represent the diverse interests of a great nation. Perhaps. But a few rowers in a lifeboat have zero chance of moving a massive, tyrannical iceberg. No, there’s only one way to kill the beast — cut off its head. Political Gangs should disappear. Congress and Senate should have Members, period. Members individually accountable, without allegiance or obedience to any group, special interest or even State. How dumb can you be? Without allegiance? Members of the House or Senate eventually would form alliances and cliques and you would be back at square one. Yes, but not in lock-step. Remember first how Members would get there. Voters, no longer having the option of pulling one lever for their favorite Gang, would be forced to vote for individuals based on something other than a party label. Jiminy Cricket. The flaw in this recommendation is that the CLU would instantly bring a discrimination suit, charging that millions of disadvantaged people would not have the time, the ability, knowledge or interest in properly evaluating the candidates. Think of voters who can’t read. Think of those who are illegal. Think of those who are dead. Think of the interminable waiting in voting lines.  America then would have the imbalance of being controlled unfairly by those citizen elites who are informed, knowledgeable and patriotic — citizens whose political IQ would surely select the best and brightest Constitutional disciples. Oh, yes, the very citizens who in 2008 and 2012 voted for eight years of gang rule and tyranny. God bless America.

Here’s something for you to chew on. Two types of people inhabit the earth: authentic and counterfeit. That’s another way of saying honest and dishonest. True or false. You get the picture. But you think this viewpoint is a vast oversimplification and therefore a bogus one. You prefer the biblical admonition that we are sinners, one and all; ergo, we all share degrees of forthrightness and fraudulence. You can only thank God that you’re so irreparably flawed. Goodness is a horribly inconvenient condition. Nonetheless, you’re not entirely willing to give up the original premise — that individual people are either one or the other — real or fake. Let’s see, you need a stark example. In America, the ideal example is politics, where you have two camps — Liberal and Conservative. You deplore these labels equally because neither is specific, but that’s an argument for another day. Let’s talk about fake and real. The premise: Liberals are dishonest and Conservatives are truthful. Liberals are hidden and Conservatives are transparent. The argument: First, you need to expose the labels. Liberals are Socialists but won’t admit it. A Liberal will quibble and say, “I’m Pro-Choice. I think we need the government to closely regulate important things like big corporations, education, welfare, social justice, agriculture, housing, income inequality, gun control, etc etc. And I think the government should be in charge of healthcare and energy because those things are too important to leave to private industry. But those views don’t make me a Socialist.” Liberals in fact adopt the most basic tenets of Socialism; yet insist their convictions don’t define them as Socialists. This rationale is called denial. Some Liberals muddy the waters even more by adopting the more Leftist word — Progressive — another euphemism for Socialism, or Communism. Bottom line is Liberals must jive, juggle and lie. Conservatives, on the other hand, are Capitalists; and they’re proud to admit it. They don’t hide behind pseudonyms or euphemisms. What you see is what you get. They believe in limited government at all levels, fiscal responsibility and individual freedom. Bottom line is Conservatives must be truthful. Like any pretender or con-artist, Liberal politicians always rely on deception to gain acceptance, realizing that raw truth would alarm the majority of Americans, but also realizing gleefully that millions of voters are stupid. Not ignorant, mind you. Stupid. Liberal duplicity is most evident in their invention and dissemination of deceptive language. By now, everyone knows the drill:

Affordable Care Act: A touchy-feely term for Nationalized Health Care.
Universal Health Care: Socialized Medicine.
Pro Choice: Vastly more appealing than the truth — Pro Death.
Affirmative Action: In others word, Gender and Race Discrimination.
Economic Justice: Code language for Wealth Redistribution.
It Takes A Village: Cradle to the grave Socialism.
Hate Crime/Speech: Any Conservative criticism aimed at Liberalism.
Gay: Homosexual is too explicit.
LGBT: Lesbian, Homosexual, Bisexual and Transgender is too explicit
Racial Profiling: Unfair targeting of criminals and terrorists.
Planned Parenthood: Abortion Way Station.
NPR: National Propaganda Radio
NOW: National Anti-feminine Organization.
Employees Free Choice Act: In effect, no anonymous union vote.
Internet Freedom Preservation Act: Expands regulation of the FCC — the opposite of freedom.
America’s Healthy Future Act: Socialized Medicine
Global Warming: Alias Cap & Trade
Women’s Rights: Free contraceptives.

You are led to believe that homosexuals and other “alternative lifestyle advocates” come out of the closet to liberate themselves. Liberals should be allowed to experience that same joy, that same relief — to put aside the subterfuge among family and friends. This freedom of expression will happen only if America’s political parties offer them a clear choice — Socialist or Capitalist. Scrap the meaningless DEM and GOP. No more hiding. No more pretense. The current occupier of the WH should lead this political transformation. As a former community organizer, it would be a cinch. All he has to do is hold a press conference, gaze at his teleprompter and read the following words: “I am a Socialist and proud of it.” That’s what leaders do. Lead. And the Socialist Party will be born. Oops, back up. Some version of a Socialist Party has been kicking since the 1870′s and exists today. Allegedly, eighty-odd members of Congress are proud members of the Democratic Socialists of America. Suitably, you see, Liberals (Progressives) already have a place to go and friendly faces to greet them. What’s stopping them? Simple — they already hold a winning hand. And being a liar’s no big deal.

February 25, 2014


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Legend has it that, as a boy, the first POTUS said “I cannot tell a lie.” By all accounts he carried that faithfulness through a life driven by supreme accomplishment — a transparent life documented in the most intimate detail. Fast forward 225 years and reflect on the reigning POTUS who cannot tell the truth. By all accounts, the current POTUS vaulted through life with little or no resume of accomplishment — a life for the most part undocumented, as murky as the black rivers of low country South Carolina. The first POTUS surrounded himself with men of renown based on character, integrity, intellect and service — Thomas Jefferson (Secretary of State), Alexander Hamilton(Secretary of the Treasury), Henry Knox (Secretary of War) and Edmund Randolph (Attorney General). Logically, he chose leaders who respected his values. The current POTUS also selects people who embrace his values, primary among them his unerring devotion to deceit. Clinton and Kerry are established liars; Holder is a virtuoso liar; Jay Carney is a liar; Lois Lerner is a liar; Susan Rice is a liar; Timothy Geithner is a liar. But you must give them a break. You have to lie to shield the Liar-In-Chief. Duplicity — this is the state of leadership in America. And you can’t do anything about it. You can’t change it. You’re one person. One vote. You have no power. You look to media, with its powerful influence, to uphold the most basic principles of ethics and honesty. But a polluted media instead collaborates with corruption, and worse, encourages it. Now you understand how gangs intimidate a neighborhood. How dirty cops pervert law enforcement. How Governors engage in graft. How a paper hanger becomes a dictator. This is how — by good people doing nothing. Today, the majority of Americans weep for America. They grieve for the loss of virtue, decency and fidelity. They complain. For the most part, they complain individually — whispers in a hurricane. But you suggest good people can do something — if they do it together. At exactly High Noon on July 4, 2014, 100 million individuals can leave their houses, apartments, restaurants, offices, retail stores, beach chairs, cars — wherever they may be — and simply walk to the side of the nearest street carrying a one-word sign — “RESIGN” — and display it quietly for one hour. Since you may have trouble personally contacting 100 million people, you imagine it might be more productive if some organization like The Tea Party would take ownership. It’s a simple idea, really. Take to the street where you live or happen to be at 1200 hours. No marches. No speeches. No music. No demonstration. Send a message on America’s birthday. Send it to the man who dishonors the giants who lived and died for their country. Send it to the House which has the power of the purse but cowardly refuses to wield it. Send it to a media that long since dishonored its historic devotion to any Code of Ethics. Send it to the cronies, the sycophants, puppets and other bootlickers who conspire with the Liar-In-Chief. Send it to Americans who ask what their country can do for them rather than what they can do for their country. Send it to aliens who weaken your country and disrespect their own. Send it to State Governors who, united, have the power to restore America’s values. Send it to Congress because, truly, there is no Mr. Smith in Washington. Jimmy Stewart is dead, along with other Hollywood icons who did their duty as part of America’s greatest generation. It’s not a lot to ask in defense of your country, is it? One sign. One day. One hour. 100 million whispers. Pass it on. High Noon.

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