Let’s lay it on the line. Donald J. Trump is the walking, talking cliche of the super rich business baron. You’ve seen him in a hundred movies. Hollywood can barely make a movie without his type of character. He’s always white, generally the villain, trampling on innocent little people struggling to scrape out a living in a harsh, harsh world. Rude, crude, insulting and oozing ego, he is the brute banker Mr. Potter in It’s A Wonderful Life (circa 1946). If you concede that Trump is an obnoxious blowhard, you must also suggest, compared to one Hillary Clinton, he’s the second coming of Jesus of Nazareth. Blasphemy aside, in almost every Hollywood plot, the arch villain has everyone fooled, including the watchdog Media. The Manchurian Candidate comes to mind as a typical example. In movies, you expect ordinarily sensible people to be clueless, if not witless. In real life, however, in 1933 Germany, the scene was played out in much the same way, as an entire nation of people were deluded, defrauded and manipulated. The German citizens obviously decided to set aside their brains to follow their emotional feelings. But history also will record that no one’s fooling anyone in 2106 America. There’s no mask on a true American villain. Her closet is wide open. In it, in plain sight, you will find ample evidence of a political psychopath. There for you to study, at your leisure, is a documented, 30-year career of fraud and failure, of deceit and duplicity, of treachery and treason. The evidence is there for anyone to see and hear. That evidence says Hillary Clinton is a political racketeer, a virtual Beltway outlaw.  And, apparently, a large number of American voters see it that way. They view Hillary and Bill as a modern day Bonnie and Clyde. They actually love the Clinton badness because somehow it’s as cool as they themselves are vengeful and infantile. Hillary’s women supporters also provide you a clear glimpse into the past, revealing precisely why women were denied suffrage on the basis of their incapacity to think rationally. Let’s just lay it on the line. In one way or another, Hillary Clinton has been in or at the seat of power for 30 scandal-ridden years. In the past eight years she has helped tear this country apart, helped bring suffering and death to the world, risked your nation’s security and lied about it. Now she claims to be a heroine and protector of children, the weak and the poor — as she simultaneously has amassed $30 million for herself. Whoever you are — when you walk into that voting booth — remember that pure Evil has walked out onto the American stage, looked you in the face and bared its teeth. That Evil has a name: Hillary Rodham Clinton. With all his faults, Trump is not evil. He’s a guy off the street of America, a Yankee with Good Fella manners, a verbal bully and a really bad public speaker. He’s an Outsider — the uninvited guest from the wrong side of the money tracks who threatens everyone in power. You may not like him but you would be smart to look at his agenda — what he believes in and what he will try to do — before you reject him, willy-nilly. Who else, in broad daylight, would propose Congressional term limits? Trump cares about America. He has nothing to gain and everything to lose. Tell you what. If you’re uncertain how to solve this voting dilemma, try doing what a detective does. Look at evidence, yes. But most of all, look at motive. Why do you want to be President? Hillary has a motive. So does Trump. Compare them.

Article V.

With the election only days away, you allow yourself to engage in fantasy — that through some ingenious cyber manipulation, you can speak to and be heard by every American voter. Given that power and realizing the diversity of the audience, you naturally would attempt to be charitable, respectful and civil in your remarks. You might say something like this: Assuming you’re not a card carrying member of the current Federal elected ruling class or a hired employee of the Federal bureaucracy, you need to put aside your inbred prejudices and your dumb party loyalty. For once in your life, put aside your pointless feelings, shut down your frivolous Facebook page and see if you can bring yourself to face those terribly inconvenient things called facts. Maybe you don’t know what a fact is. It’s a thing that’s true. If your brain can process that definition, try to keep it engaged for the rest of this. Forget your heart, your spleen, your genitals, your feelings and your emotion. It’s time you give the election as much attention as you waste on American Idol, the NFL or Desperate Housewives. No doubt you think it’s all so complicated. Anyway, you say that everybody knows all politicians are alike. What a lazy cop-out. Do you ever drop to your knees to give thanks to the people who gave everything that gave you the privilege of living in the freest country on earth? Or are you just as spoiled as you are ignorant? Only a short 251 years ago, a few good men faced impossible obstacles that were light years north of complicated. How could they dare sever the bonds that bound them to the world’s most dominating superpower? Easy enough. They were willing to experience a premature and rather violent death. How could they create a new nation dedicated to individual liberty? Imagine doing it. Put yourself in the shoes of a Jefferson, Adams, Madison, Washington, Hamilton or Franklin. Seriously, place yourself in that place at that time. You can’t. You don’t have the vision, wisdom, intellect or education. Most of all, you don’t have the courage. But you’re not alone. On this very day, neither do the people who occupy the People’s House in Washington D.C. Not even close. The Founders gave them, you and all Mankind an astonishingly brilliant plan of self government that revolutionized the human experience on earth. These men decided citizens should be free to pursue their own destinies and that governments must serve and preserve their rights — equally — before the law. But these men weren’t naive. They understood tyranny. They understood what it meant to have a dictatorship of the aristocracy. In painstaking detail, they devised a system of checks and balances to protect the people from a totalitarian government. Still, they weren’t satisfied. They knew it was possible, if not likely, for the Federal Government to become corrupted, and thus, autocratic. Shrewdly, they conceived Article Five of The Constitution. The Founders could not have imagined the level of treachery, criminality and cowardice that would come to infect your country’s hallowed halls; but in their genius, they gave you a clear remedy. Yes, Article Five. Admit you’re clueless. Admit you don’t know what it says or what it means. Unlike many of today’s college graduates, The Founders actually could read and write. And this is what they wrote to protect you and me:

Article Five of the U.S. Constitution

The Congress, whenever two thirds of both houses shall deem it necessary, shall propose amendments to this Constitution, or, on the application of the legislatures of two thirds of the several states, shall call a convention for proposing amendments, which, in either case, shall be valid to all intents and purposes, as part of this Constitution, when ratified by the legislatures of three fourths of the several states, or by conventions in three fourths thereof, as the one or the other mode of ratification may be proposed by the Congress. . . .

This is your remedy — your only remedy — to do what Donald Trump says needs to be done — “drain the swamp.” If he’s elected, he can make a dent but he can’t wage a one man war. Federal Government corruption is too deep and too pervasive. We the people must support a Convention of States. The movement already has begun. Eight states are on board. Put aside your petty self interest to save your country. Go to the URL below. Read every word, click the “Visit the COS Simulation” link and listen to every word. This is real. This is not 1776. But it is the beginning of the Second American Revolution. No one’s  asking you to lay down your life as did generations of Americans before you. But you can at least look at facts. You can take an interest. And you can become part of history.

One Small Step.

Revelations come when you least expect them. The bowling alley was busy. In the adjacent lanes, seven African Americans — six men and one woman — were as enthusiastic and competitive as any professional athlete. They laughed uproariously. And, playfully, they baited each other as friends do. Then you overhead one of them say, “Let’s write down who we’re votin’ for; and after election day, the losers buy the winners lunch.” Jackson immediately piped up, “Well, hell, we all know who’s gonna win.” Cackle. On the drive home, the analogy appeared instantly, like a splattered bug on the windshield. African Americans are psychologically enslaved to the Democrat Party in much the same way as an abused wife is shackled to her coercive spouse. Countless women — victims of every imaginable brutality — make every imaginable excuse why their spouses are not at fault. They believe, in time, things will improve as they learn to behave in ways that don’t provoke violence. They believe, in the long run, love will conquer these aberrations. Things are bound to get better. Friends and family beg them to open their eyes, to see reality. The police explain that patterns of abuse always continue, that life for battered women never gets better until they sever the relationship. For decades, African Americans have likewise refused to face the reality of a failed relationship. The Democrat Party has played them like suckers at a carnival booth. And like abused spouses, African Americans are more aware than anyone that their devotion has remained unrequited. Nonetheless, they make excuse after excuse, loyal to the big lie. They follow black leaders who like nothing better than leading this angry, bitter underclass, and preaching to the underclass that the “enemy” stacks the deck against them. African Americans know the score but they can’t psychologically break the chains of their dependency. They understand how to behave under this dependency. They have a comfort level with this dependency. Like the battered wife, they will  sleep with the enemy they know rather than risk being set free to make a new life with one they don’t. But wait a minute. Think.  One or more of your black bowling friends must be planning to jump the ship that never goes anywhere. Else why would someone suggest that the losers pay for lunch? Losers. There have to be losers. This is big. Granted, it’s the tiniest of samples; but if just 2 of the 7 choose the Trumpster over Hildabeast, that 26 per cent would represent a cosmic deviation. If 26 percent chose to escape from their masters, you would finally see some evidence for the advancement of the human race.  If 26 per cent walked out the door of their captivity, you would gratefully borrow those indelible words: “One small step for Man, one giant leap for Mankind.” This time, a step taken on Earth. Yes, you’re engaging in fantasy or, at best, wishful thinking. Similar to believing you’ll eventually roll a perfect game.

The ranting and raving of critical Dick.