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Dick Toomey

Her name is Veronica Guerin. If you don’t know the name, don’t sweat it. You’re among a rather sizable majority of Americans — say, the 99 percent majority. And why should you know her? She isn’t American; she isn’t a Hollywood celebrity; she isn’t a blond Fox TV talking head; she isn’t an entertainment sex symbol; she isn’t even a former Bill Clinton playmate. The fact is, she — isn’t — anything. Not now. Meaning, she’s dead. Gunned down June 26, 1996, while sitting at a red light in her red Opel Calibra. Six 357 rounds from a Colt Python at pointblank range ended her life savagely, nine days shy of her 38th birthday. “Ronnie” (to her friends) died near Newlands Cross, on the outskirts of Dublin, for daring to be a responsible journalist, for daring to write about crime, for daring to expose drug lords and for daring to dig out and trace the proceeds of their illegal activity. Ronnie wasn’t blind to the danger. She received many death threats. A botched assassination attempt left her with a bullet to the leg. A crime boss punched her in the face and later threatened to kidnap her and rape her son. Undaunted, she resolved to report the truth and press for new tax enforcement laws to seize assets acquired with drug money. She succeeded — posthumously — when outrage swept the country and the right people decided to do the right thing. Ronnie was more than an investigative journalist. She was a warrior, a journalist with guts, bound to take down the bad guys. Fourteen years later in America, bad  guys are alive and well in places low and high while investigative journalism is gutless and as dead as desert dirt. But America doesn’t lack for warriors. Like Veronica Guerin, they pay the ultimate price. They perished at Benghazi, in Afghanistan and on the Arizona border. What happened to Doherty and Woods and those they tried to save at Benghazi was the result of gross criminal negligence at the highest level. Fast & Furious led to the death of Brian Terry and many others on the baked red earth of Arizona. But no outrage swept America then or now. And as yet, no right people are doing the right thing. The vaunted U.S. press has long since abandoned its code of ethics and lofty principles and surrendered its noble purpose to protect this great nation and its people. Investigative journalism has checked out, replaced by PR hacks and political accomplices. At this moment. in your country, thousands of ordinary citizens are prosecuted and punished for perjury. Meanwhile, perched with his feet on the Resolute Desk, your Commander in Chief remains the most prolific liar of a lifetime — untouchable, haughty, contemptuous. Because he lies, he must surround himself with those who agree to cover his lies with their lies. The likes of a Holder and Lerner and Kerry and Clinton and Sebelius, Carney, Earnest, et al. While he lies with impunity, plays golf and spends millions on family vacations, American warriors die in the line of duty, bringing honor to their code of conduct. And while he lies, the American press crawls ever deeper into its corrupt hole. And while he lies, the Supreme Court and Congress — the so-called Balance of Powers — lie inept, as if to avoid an executioner’s axe. A week after her murder, the Irish Parliament enacted the Proceeds of Crime Act and the Criminal Assets Bureau Act, so that assets purchased with crime money could be seized by the government. Guerin was a journalist. She chased the truth and exposed it. The truth. It so happens that the Society of Professional Journalists publish a Code. “Seek Truth and Report It. Journalists should be honest, fair and courageous in gathering, reporting and interpreting information.” Right.

Many millions of Americans would tell you that they hold no political allegiance whatsoever — that they are Independent. Millions of Democrat and GOP party members claim they do not toe their party line — that they vote for the best candidate and the right policies, regardless of party. These are the shufflers and hedgers who, like Congressmen, love a little “wiggle room.” Then you have the Loyalists. These are the staunch partisans who cast aside all rational thought in favor of deep-seated prejudice. In approximately 33 AD, a Loyalist mob chose Barabbas over Jesus Christ. In 1776, disciples of King George III would never turn their backs on the Motherland and the Monarchy in favor of independence. In 1985, a big city neighborhood demonstrated its fervent support of John Gotti, a celebrity thug and murderer. In 2008 and again in 2012, above all other considerations, Racists paid total homage to the skin color of one Barack Obama. In each case, these Loyalists knew who they were, publicized who they were and made no excuses for their prejudice or bigotry. In America today, most of these people are Democrats; and they have many other American allies — closet Democrats who, like Socialists, either don’t know or strangely refuse to admit their affiliation. If by chance you don’t happen to know who you are, now is your chance to find out. It’s pretty simple, really.  Just answer ” I Agree” or “I Disagree,” or “I don’t know,” to the following statements:

I believe the Federal Government should provide welfare benefits, like food stamps, housing, cash aid, etc. (Agree) (Disagree) (I don’t know).

I believe the Federal Government should run the nation’s Healthcare System (Agree) (Disagree) (I don’t know).

I believe the Federal Government should run the Education System (Agree) (Disagree) (I don’t know).

I believe the Federal Government should govern the nation’s Energy (Agree) (Disagree) (I don’t know).

I believe the Federal Government should provide free contraceptive and abortion services (Agree) (Disagree) (I don’t know).

I believe the Federal Government should repeal the 2nd Amendment (Agree) (Disagree) (I don’t know).

I believe the Federal Government should repeal the 4th Amendment (Agree) (Disagree) (I don’t know).

I believe the Federal Government should be responsible for taking care of those who can’t or won’t take care of themselves (Agree) (Disagree) ( I don’t know).

I believe the Federal Government should not be required to have a Balanced Budget (Agree) (Disagree) (I don’t know).

I believe the Federal Government should at least double the tax rate on the rich (those making over $200,000) (Agree) (Disagree) (I don’t know).

I believe the Federal Government should grant amnesty to all illegal aliens. (Agree) (Disagree) (I don’t know).

I believe the Federal Government should eliminate any reference to God in public institutions (Agree) (Disagree) (I don’t know).

If you answered “Agree” to six (6) statements, you’re a certified Socialist. If you answered “Agree” to two (2) statements, you’re a Democrat. If you answered “I don’t Know” to more than one (1) statement, you’re not qualified to vote. If you answered “Disagree” to ten (10) statements, you’re a RINO. If you answered “Disagree” to all twelve (12) statements, you’re a hybrid — part Republican and Libertarian. You probably say you don’t fit neatly into any of these categories. In fact, you resent being categorized like some kind of mindless robot. No, you’re one of those independent thinkers who knows there’s a little bit of good and a little bit of bad in all of God’s creatures (if you happen to believe in God). You don’t see issues in black and white because there’s always room for compromise. The words “right” and “wrong” don’t apply any longer, do they? You have to love  Independents who occupy the moral high ground. They feel clean. Never devious. Always principled and conscientious. Never really at fault, no matter what they think, because they vote pragmatically. As a Judge, Pontius Pilate demonstrated an independent, pragmatic mind. He made a rational decision. And like any good independent, washed his hands of it. Clean.

Political Parties in America need to disappear. Before you dismiss this recommendation as a fascist notion, put your prejudice in idle as you shine a light on it. Logically, you might begin with accepted definitions:

The main purpose of political parties is to join people together with similar points of view about government . . . to participate in and influence government by having members elected to government positions.

Or, to bring people together to achieve control of government, develop policies favorable to their interests or the groups that support them, and organize and persuade voters to elect their candidates.

Pretty bland stuff. So is TNT, just sitting there. These definitions sound so democratic, so broad-minded, so equitable — so — legitimate. Yet consider this –  although highly involved in the operation of government at every level, political parties are not the government itself, and our embattled Constitution makes no mention of them. So you have a choice. Decide now to shine a light on the reality of political parties or pretend they are stalwart, heroic guardians of our Republic. Let’s get real. Political parties are Gangs in Suits. That’s the true definition, stripping bare the Party’s lofty disguise. Party affiliated voters like you are rank and file gang members who have blind loyalty, no different than a sport fan’s devotion to a team. These peons have no influence (unless they have deep, deep pockets). They elect leaders who operate at the seats of power. Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Socialist and Communist Parties are represented by the Washington Gangs whose sole purpose is to compete for power. Parties do not exist to serve all the people or even the national interest; they exist primarily to seize control of government (and the Treasury) and consolidate individual and group power. You must acknowledge that the political parties are in a state of perpetual war. The gang hierarchy in Washington is no different than the structures of Cosa Nostra, Crips, Wah Ching, Bloods or Aryan Brotherhood — or any Trade Union. You have the Bosses, Underbosses, Consiglieri, Captains, Enforcers, Soldiers, Recruiters, Money Launderers, etc. The Political Party, as constituted, is antithetical to the tenets of liberty. Consider the preeminent goal of any elected leader: To remain at the seat of power indefinitely. The politician achieves this goal by: 1. rising in Party influence; 2. returning patronage to supporters; 3. obeying Party leadership; 4. growing the size and scope of government; 5. enhancing personal wealth; 6. seeking higher office and 7. raising money. You may reject this summary to suggest that very good people are doing their very best to represent the diverse interests of a great nation. Perhaps. But a few rowers in a lifeboat have zero chance of moving a massive, tyrannical iceberg. No, there’s only one way to kill the beast — cut off its head. Political Gangs should disappear. Congress and Senate should have Members, period. Members individually accountable, without allegiance or obedience to any group, special interest or even State. How dumb can you be? Without allegiance? Members of the House or Senate eventually would form alliances and cliques and you would be back at square one. Yes, but not in lock-step. Remember first how Members would get there. Voters, no longer having the option of pulling one lever for their favorite Gang, would be forced to vote for individuals based on something other than a party label. Jiminy Cricket. The flaw in this recommendation is that the CLU would instantly bring a discrimination suit, charging that millions of disadvantaged people would not have the time, the ability, knowledge or interest in properly evaluating the candidates. Think of voters who can’t read. Think of those who are illegal. Think of those who are dead. Think of the interminable waiting in voting lines.  America then would have the imbalance of being controlled unfairly by those citizen elites who are informed, knowledgeable and patriotic — citizens whose political IQ would surely select the best and brightest Constitutional disciples. Oh, yes, the very citizens who in 2008 and 2012 voted for eight years of gang rule and tyranny. God bless America.

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