What Fun It Would Be.

The Felon Waits

Since America is run by a low-class crook, abetted by Congress and federal agencies awash in corruption, it seems only fitting that America should have a GOP presidential candidate who has been judged a felon and awaits sentencing. How ironic is it that corrupt, unethical bureaucrats, in and out of office, could sit in judgment of a former President? Nothing would enliven the history books more than to have Donald John Trump sitting behind bars on election day, especially if the American people elect him in a landslide. What fun. What fun that would be. To see Media Trump haters attempting to hide their disbelief and anguish, to watch Whoopi and Joy wriggle and squirm. What fun it would be to gauge the expression on the face of super RINO Mitt Romney as he attempts to pretend he’s still a decent human being. What fun it would be if some creative designer would put together a meme of a Bobblehead Donald coming face to face with a Bobblehead Robert Dinero, saying to him, “How do ya like them apples, you worthless piece of shit?” What fun it would be if Donald never utters one negative word; in fact, never brings up his torment at the hands of all the baddies that put him and his family through hell. What fun it would be if Statesman Donald Trump makes an inauguration address dwelling exclusively on positive days ahead, never once alluding to Biden or his atrocious record. What fun it would be if, Lincoln-like, he reaches out to bind up the nation’s wounds, revealing not a sign of animosity toward the Democrat Party war machine. What fun, then, when the dust settles and all the political protocols are accomplished, would it be if Donald would matter-of-factly and quietly, with no comment, begin to purge Deep State operatives from top to bottom — like ripping out tattered roof shingles. What fun it would be if, in his first news conference, he would, without rancor, play the role of Media Consultant and call on all members of the “press” to restore the principles of objective and truthful journalism. What fun it would be if he exposes the “pay to play” graft that exists between major corporations and elected officials. What fun it would be if he immediately eliminates the Department of Education. What fun it would it be if Donald quickly shuts down the Southern border, restores domestic energy independence, demolishes coercive regulations and once again sends a clear message to the world that America will have no part of the WEF globalist agenda, including the politicized climate accords and WHO authority. What serious fun it would be if he brings together all the health agency heads for a “come to Jesus” soiree. What major fun it would be if his newly appointed DOJ investigates and thus exposes the dozens of former and current elected officials guilty of perjury, malfeasance, misconduct and fraud.

Send a Message.

But there won’t be any fun in November if voters of every race and party affiliation don’t put aside their group identities to save America’s Constitutional principles. Seldom is there such an opportunity to put America ahead of self interest and send a message to Washington elected officials: you are not rulers but servants, and you are not above the law.

Wake Up.

No President in America’s history has experienced the gauntlet of abuse experienced by Donald Trump. The abuse began in 2015, accelerated during his term of office, advanced further when he dared question 2020 election results and exploded in 2023-4. You have to ask, “Why?” The answer is as plain as the prodigious nose on your face and it’s time everyone took off their prejudicial blinders to acknowledge it. With very rare exception, nobody in Washington wants the guy. “Why?” Because he’s not one of them. He’s a bloody merchant, for God’s sake. Because he’s a businessman who threatens to derail the lucrative gravy trains that roll into D.C. from many directions. It’s just that bloody simple, Matilda. The Beltway fears him. The people who profited most from the Trump presidency were the Little People — Minorities and Middle Class. Previous to Donald’s tenure, as well as now, the only people who have profited are the Big People — the Military Industrial Complex, the Corporate Giants, theย  DC Beltway denizens, the Wall Street inhabitants and one Oval Office occupant who watches gravy pour into his greedy lap via his “foreign policy.” Trump takes great risk at being President again. Too many people have too much to lose. And what does Trump have to gain? Recognition? Dynasty? Legacy? Wake up America.


3 thoughts on “What Fun It Would Be.”

  1. Can’t wait for this to happen ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

  2. Yes wait to vote for The Top Republican Donald J Trump for President! We need him for our Country!

  3. What does Trump have to gain? MAGA โ€ฆ. Since heโ€™s putting his life on the line for it. He loves America! ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

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