Moral Scrutiny.

Trump predicted he would be arrested. Bingo. Somewhere between 16-23 jurors, with no judge present, listened to Manhattan district attorney Alvin Bragg heroically lay out Donald’s vicious crime. Neither the accused nor his attorneys were present. No questions asked. No argument given. Anyone surprised or shocked by this proceeding, please raise a hand. Anyone shocked or surprised to know that Bragg represents a city that gave Trump a whopping 12% of the vote in 2019, raise your other hand. If anything shocks, it’s how many people, including some you know, who still don’t get it. The day he entered politics, the established political order (this includes both parties, all related political institutions, the Media, Academia, etc.), decided that they would use any means necessary to take out Donald Trump. You asked before. Why? Why the continuous, fanatical dirty tricks? The answer hasn’t changed in seven years. The Washington DC political syndicate is scared shitless. And that syndicate is composed of a shitload of powerful people and interests in both the public and private sectors. When Donald won in ’16, the fear factor escalated to terror. When Donald won, middle class America won. When he won, the syndicate and blue bloods lost. It was then you witnessed a crash and burn policy aimed at this dangerous man who threatened to cut off the accrual of money and power to an ever-expanding Federal establishment. Ever since, the face of the syndicate — the Democrat Party — has had no reluctance to commit crimes in broad daylight. Why? Primarily because watchdog journalism is not only dead, but rotting in its grave. And because Congress makes a big show of holding hearings that go — always — absolutely nowhere. Likewise, Some of the smart money says Bragg’s indictment will go nowhere. Even so, the DEM derailing strategy has only one aim — to blow up the news, painting the 45th president as a sinful adulterer, cavorting in the porn world, unworthy of further staining the sanctity of the Oval Office. It’s only fair to mention on that note, you’ve been led to believe that cleaning crews are still at work at the office attempting to rid microscopic residue of Slick Willy’s willie. No crime there, right Monica? As a male sinner, you have to give Trump a pass if he paid money to protect his reputation, especially during a campaign run. Avoiding scandal and family embarrassment seems eminently logical. However, a man as important as DJT should know better, as did powerful icons before him who ostensibly honored their marriages — by covering their tracks. Men like FDR, Dwight, Lyndon, JFK,  GW, Teddy and Bobby who were portrayed publicly as upstanding citizens. And they were — upstanding — to Kathleen Helen MacCarthy-Morrough, Lucy Mercer, Judith Exner, Mary Pinchot Meyer, Marilyn Monroe, Jennifer Fitzgerald, Mary Jo Kopechne, Kim Novak, etc. The truth is Media were hands off marital sin in those days, until bad boy Willie, who grinned sheepishly as impeachment petered out. However, the news of Trump’s indictment must have seriously offended the moral standing of members of Congress and other elected officials who could never respect anyone who would pay hush money to a mistress, much less a porn star. And think of the millions of spouses out there who certainly condemn the act of adultery; yet who despise even more the lies and cheating required to get away with it. You might suggest that Bragg’s case against Trump should spawn conversations about the Constitutional qualifications for President of the United States. Brilliant as they were, the Founders laid an egg. You will not find a hint of anything in The Constitution relating to the need for moral scrutiny — the type of vetting process applied to Supreme Court candidates and Nuns. Something needs to be done, doesn’t it? The handwriting is plain to see. Without decisive examination, America will not long be able to recruit principled, incorruptible leaders like Mr. Biden, Mr. Kerry, Ms. Warren, AOC, Ms. Clinton, Mr. McConnell, Dr. Fauci and other stalwart rule makers whose moral stature has set such lofty standards. Meanwhile, in his quiet moments, Mr. Trump must ask himself why. Why leave life’s crystal waters to swim in a murky swamp? Was it an ego trip? His detractors would say “yes.” Was he patriotically concerned about the danger to his country? His detractors would say “No.” But his real question is — “What do I have to gain?” That’s the question the American people need to answer. Look at motives. Trump’s motive. Stormy Daniel’s motive. Bragg’s motive. Congress’ motive. Media’s motive. Any slug can have opinions. But there is one you lay odds on. If Trump walks away from the latest assault, and continues his WH run, the next allegation against him is already in the Democrat playbook, waiting impatiently. This is the fact that should trouble his candidacy. Do a people fatigued by controversy have his resolve, his tenacity? Why, that’s anyone’s guess, Matilda.

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