Bury It Now.

Bad news almost always outweighs good news. By a lot.

Media loves bad news. Bad news makes the front page. Broadcast news almost always leads with death, disaster, destruction, deception, depravity, etc. Every now and then, good news does show a welcome face. Gas prices drop a dime/gal. Your favorite team wins a game. Your blood work is unremarkable. A black GenZ male student says law enforcement should be the key issue in the 2024 election. Anyway you cut it, to be trite, your frustration with doom and gloom is your fault, because it’s easy enough to dump the garbage. Just tune out, Matilda. Begin with TV, the mesmeric machine designed to sway behavior, condition thinking and shape opinion. Whatever “innocent” television entertainment you may enjoy, it is nothing less than a remorseless narcotic, keeping you addicted and numbing you to suffocating content. Speaking of which, what can be more negative than the deluge of pharmaceutical advertising that smashes listeners in the face with visions of disease and death. Not that many years ago, drug ads occupied very little air time. But Covid changed all that. The immediate and orchestrated fear of death changed all that. Shrewdly, Pharma marketing execs jumped at the opportunity to cash in on all-consuming fear and the preoccupation with all things health. Hour by hour, day and night, every day, dozen of drug ads entertain you with news of impending disease. All of it wrapped in song and dance, happy families and smiling faces, as you hear the litany of terrifying disclaimers. But don’t think Big Pharma is alone in the fear game. All kinds of insurance companies have you wrapped in a bubble of apprehension. So you surround your home in electronic surveillance, and you buy plumbing protection through American Home Shield, appliance coverage through Home Service Club, auto maintenance through Car Shield, identity protection through LifeLock and digital privacy through Norton, to name just a few of the most visible fear mongers. Meanwhile, as you obsess over personal health and security, the U.S. government makes certain that serious fear is your ever-present bedfellow. The swamp dwellers of both political parties threaten you with felonious policies that have a predictable outcome — the weakening of individual freedom. If they could read that last allegation, millions of Americans would howl “Baloney.” Yep, these would be the nitwits who entrust their children to annual Covid jabs. Who believe Covid is a bat virus. Who believe Anthony Fauci is an ethical public servant. Who believe healthcare is a natural right. Who believe national debt is an irrelevant number. Who think open borders have nothing to do with Democrat votes. Who believe drug cartels and child sex trafficking are overblown. Who believe climate change is doomsday. Who believe electric cars will save the planet. Who believe wind turbines will save the planet. Who believe solar panels will save the planet. Who believe Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone. Who believe the Clinton body count is right wing conspiracy. Who believe Hillary is guileless. Who believe the 2020 election was on the level. Who believe American foreign policy is noble. Who believe Government leaders put the American people ahead of themselves. On that last note, the good news is — you can dump the damn garbage. And remember that you live in God’s country — a good country with good people, generous people who do good things every single day.  Everyone of them needs to bury fear. Bury it now. This very minute. And remember what it means to be an American.


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