John & Joe.

You might as well face it. Although America was founded a republic, those in power treat it as a monarchy. The people — that’s you and the rest of the rabble — are unable to quell the tyranny. Maybe don’t want to. Unintentionally, in years past, Hollywood actually wrote today’s tyrannical script — sort of. The times were different; technology was different; but human nature and the lust for power were constant. The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938), however fanciful, tells the oft-told tale. Comparing then and now is easy enough. Prince John is the illegitimate Regent of England, having stolen the Crown from his brother. You on the other hand are ruled by J. Biden whose election in 2020 was forensically absurd.  To use the “S” word is heresy, bordering on treason. Ask DT. Ask Jan. 6 felons. Prince John is surrounded by his Earls, Barons, Dukes and their henchmen. Biden has the CIA, DOJ, FBI and partisan Judges. John uses the Sheriff of Nottingham to exact payment of unreasonable taxes on the serfs, leaving them destitute and nowhere to turn. Biden uses executive privilege to enact policies that undermine America’s economic system, killing businesses and people — literally. But strong opposition rises against Prince John in the dashing form of Robin Hood, Earl of Locksley, who organizes the Saxons to fight the unlawful Regent. In a forceful response, John issues the command: “Have it proclaimed in every village that this Saxon Locksley’s an outlaw. Hang anybody that gives him shelter or aid. His possessions are forfeit to the crown. Seize his castle and his lands. Everything he owns.” Remind you of anyone? Over 700 years later, in America, Biden has marshaled his army of surrogates against his rival, real estate developer D. Trump, in a crusade to crush him — and to seize his property, his land and everything else he owns. Eventually, thanks to Robin Hood, the true King Richard (Lionheart) returns to England, banishes his brother John and proclaims, “I further banish from my realm all injustices and oppression….which have burdened my people. And I pray that under my rule….Normans and Saxons alike will share the rights of Englishmen.” Unfortunately, in America, no benevolent King is in the wings. Any speech D. Trump might make “to banish injustice and oppression” is on hold, as he struggles to remain on the presidential ballot. As this new drama plays out, you finally understand why monarchies, empires and other dictatorships would not (and still do not) recognize the righteousness of a democratic society. Eventually, free individuals in a free society do not respect the obligations of freedom, instead voting for some type of government subsidy and security. You might as well face the brutal truth. The majority prefers a “guaranteed dependency” to the continual stress of self reliance and independence; thus choosing the dole. In that regard, John’s monarchy and Joe’s republic (so-called) have much in common — each encouraging and stimulating dependency. Running a country is much, much easier when the little people operate on a leash, so to speak. BTW, if you’re not under a rock, you know that the ultimate subjugation — the leash — is just around the corner. It’s called CBDC — Central Bank Digital Currency. You might as well call it CBDS — Central Bank Digital Slavery, Matilda, because your skinny ass will soon be owned. If Trump is elected and allowed to be President, he will squash CBDC temporarily. But only the Supreme Court can bury it. Would it? Seeing what the SCOTUS has already done and not done in your lifetime, you are sure to meet Big Brother soon enough — and intimately — much like a new penitentiary inmate. Apparently, over half the country doesn’t give a rip, as long as they have three hots and a cot, a device and free health care. As for the rest of you alleged freedom lovers? Think COS. You see, it’s not about you. It’s about those you love. And their unborn.

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