MK Robinson.

Many millions of lives have been transformed by the Internet. Nobody knows this fact better than NC Lieutenant Governor Mark Keith Robinson. Following the posting of his magnetic, spontaneous speech before the Greensboro(NC)City Council, the Internet blew up. And Robinson made headlines from coast to coast and from continent to continent. In America’s 247 year history, no Lt. Gov. candidate erupted onto the political scene with more recognition and prominence. Millions know his story. A child of poverty. Black American. Devout Christian. Imprisoned father. Self-reliant scrubwoman mother. High school debate winner, two colleges, history junkie. Numerous jobs. Veteran. Married, two children. Financial struggles. Personal struggles. Political target. For all the adulation sent his way, some conservative cries of discontent announce that Robinson has fallen short of high expectations. He refuses to check all the key conservative boxes. He doesn’t say abortion should be outlawed — period. He didn’t and doesn’t campaign against Medicaid expansion. He hasn’t called out Phil Berger’s (Senate President Pro Tempore) campaign to build gambling casinos, one of which would be in Berger’s own county (Rockingham). Allegedly, he fails to show up at pertinent meetings and events. In his personal life, he has been accused of stiffing a landlord, of being evicted more than once and of paying delinquent property taxes. Finally, there are accusations that he and his wife are beneficiaries of shady practices in the family business. You haven’t seen the word “crook” applied to Robinson yet but this onslaught resembles nothing less than a character assassination. Unfortunately, you can’t find a response from the Robinson camp. Until you do, you don’t know facts. Intuition does tell you that an all-out blitz of this kind reeks of a paid, organized hit job. But under the circumstances, Robinson should issue a clear¬† statement that deflects and disarms questions that would appear on the debate stage. You assume, of course, that he will not avoid that stage, and send the wrong signal. Voters rightly expect to hear more from Robinson as a gubernatorial candidate. Voters want candidates to reveal their priorities as Governor — specific priorities. Currently, while Robinson must fend-off the attack dogs, Democrat Governor Roy Cooper, as one of Joe Biden’s most loyal acolytes, revels under his leadership. While Mark Robinson must explain the personal accusations levied upon him, Cooper has no plan to ever explain his dictatorial and pernicious Covid policies — why he shut down small businesses, ruining thousands of lives — why he shut down schools, causing children irreparable harm for years to come — why he shut down churches — why he maliciously prohibited the use of proven early treatment drugs, depriving Covid patients of the right to save their lives — why he fostered the teaching of critical race theory in NC schools — why he vetoed voter ID legislation — or why he vetoed a bill banning abortion after the first trimester. Like his beloved boss Biden, attorney Cooper gets a free pass for doing far more damage to innocent people than the combined crimes of the state’s prison population. But he does — get a free pass, that is. Why, or how, does he escape public incrimination? Ask N.C.’s bootlicking Media.

Obviously, Robinson and Cooper have only one thing in common. Each is an elected official. Cooper has been a career politician for 35 years, ostensibly sacrificing himself to the cause of “public service,” as attorney general, state representative, state senator and Governor. Robinson’s political career spans all of three (3) turbulent years. Like Donald, he’s the proverbial outlier, meaning he better expect the Donald treatment. Meaning what? Meaning, N. C.’s establishment GOP will be chummy in public and play Judas in private. But, by now Mark knows the deal. Party politics is a dirty business, modeled after crime syndicates. As Lt. Gov., he has no real power, but does have 14 statutory duties and thus has the opportunity to at least exert his influence from the bully pulpit.

In the public interest, here are Robinson’s official duties:

1. Serve as president of the Senate.
2. Maintain an office in Raleigh.
3. Serve as gubernatorial successor.
4. Declare emergency if Governor unavailable.
5. Member, State Board of Community Colleges.
6. Vice-Chair, N.C. Capital Planning Commission.
7. Member, State Board of Education.
8. Member, N.C. Charter Schools Advisory Board.
9. Member, Domestic Violence Commission.
10.Member, Military Affairs Commission.
11.Chair, Energy Policy Council.
12.During an energy crisis, chair Legislative Committee on Energy  Crisis Management.
13.Appoint members to the Boxing Advisory Commission.
14.Appoint members of Community Corrections Advisory Board.

The primary season is here. As expected, quite a few candidates are ready to marginalize Robinson as being unqualified. You must ask — unqualified as administrator? As manager? As commander? As leader? You know this about him, captured in dozens of recordings. Mark is nothing less than having an exceptional mind and talent. His rise is unparalleled in politics because, in the minds and hearts of the people, he has articulated his unshakable belief in America’s founding principles and Her ideals. And because in a secular world, he believes in God. Everywhere you look, that simple resume is MIA.












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