Good People.

A stalwart Republican citizen/activist wrote a good piece suggesting that the GOP is made up of people from all walks of life who share one thing: love for the U.S. Constitution. But you must put political parties aside. You believe the majority of all loyal Americans would claim they “love” The Constitution. Love’s a nice word. Unfortunately, it’s more than a touch ambiguous — the feel-good thing you would expect people to say to demonstrate their goodness. Unfortunately, the claim is only that. Because most Americans don’t genuinely know The Constitution. Don’t really know what it says. What it requires. What commandments it lays down. And most don’t truly believe it is a hallowed covenant. Nope. Love The Constitution? It’s all talk. It began with renowned chief justice John Marshall who did a lot of talking in 1801. Marshall was a superstar patriot but didn’t want the constitutional balance of powers, as it was written. The man was a Federalist, who in his self-appointed wisdom, decided that the Founders lacked proper vision to invest greater power in the Federal Government. Two hundred twenty two years later, the American people think their beloved country operates according to the four(4) pages of The Constitution displayed at the National Archives Museum, located at 701 Constitution Avenue, NW, Washington, DC. Nay, nay, pilgrim. That Constitution has been replaced by something called the Constitution Annotated — a 3000-page, 9.37-pound beast of a book — which is a legal analysis and interpretation of the original Constitution, based on a comprehensive review of the U. S. Supreme Court. In simple terms, Marshall and every  SCOTUS since has greatly expanded legislative and executive powers in direct violation of The Constitution, as it was originally ordained. The irony screams. You don’t need to recount the history. Who cares? The GOP? The DEMS? The RNC? Wake up, Matilda. That crowd — federal, state, county, city  — couldn’t care less about “limited government.” Recall this single fact — the 13 original States had one overarching fear above all others. They feared creating a Federal Government that would usurp the very power of the creation — power that could only lead to tyranny. Thousands died to rid themselves of King George’s rule only to hand it over to enemies within. That’s pretty incendiary language, dude. You’re talking about good people in Washington, in State Houses, in City Halls — even your friends and neighbors — all fighting the good fight — who deserve better treatment. Exactly. You have the arrogance and audacity to pass judgment on good people. Yes — elected officials and ordinary folks like yourself, who never admit they’re OK with the Fed running the whole show.  OK with governing doctors, OK with telling teachers what to teach, OK with regulating business, OK with controlling media, OK with hijacking America’s energy production. What else? How about everything else? Such as — OK with shutting down small business, OK with forcing vaccination, OK with banning life-saving drugs, OK with $30 trillion indebtedness, OK with sending billions to America’s enemies, OK with suppressing free speech — OK with flat killing people. You’re not alone in this judgment. Everywhere you turn — the brightest minds blow the bugles of discontent over Federal tyranny and those individuals who have committed crimes. But the evidence be damned — not one official walks the plank — not one — especially not the Big Guy. Meanwhile, the GOP holds hearings to embarrass feckless bureaucrats who arrogantly go on their merry bureaucratic ways — totally untouchable. Case in point — one Alejandro Mayorkas who rules over the DHS as the administrator of America’s fentanyl and illegal immigration traffic. You get the point all right — nothing gets done as long as the system is run by gangsters, including members of the GOP who  recite the oath of office and avow how much they love The Constitution.

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  1. I enjoy reading your fodder. I’ve been following the hearings & wonder how much longer Mayorkas will keep the border open.

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