It’s Time.

It’s an election year. Time for abortion to leave the national stage. Forever. It’s been over 50 years since the SCOTUS ruled that The Constitution generally gave females the right to have abortions. The ruling put “unborn” lives in the hands of millions of these females and the result was that the heartbeats of millions of unborn lives were terminated. Zap. Like stepping on bugs. Being crude is rude. Sorry, but five decades of political abuse and institutionalized killing is worth at least a brutish slap in the face now and then. Now it’s time to talk some common sense. No one will solve the core question. When does life begin? So-called pro-life people, including an atheist or two, say life begins at conception. So-called pro-choice people say life begins when a baby takes his/her first breath out of the womb (those who are offended because other genders aren’t mentioned here should exit this site — immediately). The politicians, self appointed experts and legal eagles think it’s up to them to decide when life is viable and may not be interrupted. Step right up, foks, pick a time, any time — 12 weeks, 16 weeks, 36 weeks. Now that the SCOTUS has punted the abortion ball, the decision belongs to the States or to the Courts. You say it’s “baloney,” exchanging Washington autocrats for local autocrats. No sane person will disagree that taking a breath is undeniable evidence — evidence that is unarguable proof that life exists. That’s a step . No infant should be destroyed after breathing on his/her own. Ending that life is murder. You must recognize, however, that millions believe abortion at any stage of gestation is murder — punishable as a crime. The Christian religion — perhaps all religions — takes a rather dim view of abortion. Then again, millions are free not to be religious. They and others believe in nothing, much less God. They are free to worship Dracula, free not to follow any moral or ethical code whatsoever. Face it, the differences between choice and life are irreconcilable. So it’s time you put aside those differences and suggest what is unacceptable. If you believe in sovereignty of the individual, Governments should leave the pregnancy decision alone to its own devices. That kind of suggestion does nothing but leave both lifers and choosers equally pissed, or as they say in polite society, equally indignant. Each side is irrevocably intractable. So it’s time to let God decide and let God pass judgment and let Society be free to accept or reject abortion on an individual basis. In other words, mind your own business. Of course, it’s not that easy, is it, Matilda? If that’s the way you want it, a lot has to change. Specifically, no government can have the right to use one penny of public treasuries — federal, state or local — to fund the abortion business. Pregnancy is not an illness. With the exception of rape, it is discretionary — arrived at by choice — by intent, by carelessness, promiscuity or stupidity. Without government assistance of any kind, females must manage their abortions whenever, wherever and however they choose. They have options. Planned Parenthood, as a private business, is always poised to welcome them as they line up to cancel junior. There will always be individual medical practitioners who will discreetly terminate pregnancies. You understand that coat hangers and other primitive procedures are no longer in vogue, but knowledgeable midwives are still in business.. It’s time to acknowledge that females have redundant ways to prevent and end pregnancies. You are told that not the least of these are contraception, abstinence. and the “morning after pill.” Whatever the case, abortion is off the table as a societal responsibility. It’s an individual responsibility. Or does that take the fun out of doing the big trick? Regardless, abortion is a cost of living, like your Botox, Starbucks, spring break, Vuori athletic wear, iPhone 15 or a night out with friends. Some party has to pay for it. Truly, that party is you. Or your sperm donor, insurance company, parents, United Way, Family Services, Red Cross, not-for-profit or for-profit party. But not governments. Never governments. It’s time to end it. Like stepping on a bug.

Note:  Government has a responsibility to enforce laws already on the books —  laws that disallow the marketing of fetal tissue — laws to prevent women from being paid to grow babies for harvesting. Left alone, traffickers would establish underground baby factories for the sale and distribution of aborted tissue. Anti-life cartels never go away. Ed.


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  1. I think it’s folly to think the liberal Democrats will ever allow the government to get out of the abortion business. Until they rule that it is taxpayer funded available anytime, anywhere.

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