In his interview a few weeks ago with Tucker, Vladimir Putin made an interesting comment about America. You have to paraphrase. He said he couldn’t understand how the American system can work when 50 states can do their own thing. Funny he should mention that because State sovereignty was the chief intention of the Founders in creating the U.S Constitution. The 13 original States were granted all powers except those expressly enumerated as belonging to the Federal Government. In reality, Putin’s remark was not so funny since it doesn’t reflect what’s true — which is that America’s States now are subservient puppets to Federal authority. Not so funny because in 2024, the Federal Government, at best, operates as a not so soft dictatorship. America’s gradual slide into authoritarianism changed abruptly to a nose-dive with the election of B.H. Obama. His ascendancy was the first time in American history that the People handed the reins to an anti-American — twice. You admit to having contempt for those who voted for him once — but for those who doubled down, you wish you knew the secret to making Voodoo dolls. But, to be fair, America’s descent into dictatorship, and eventually socialism, began modestly with the appointment of chief justice John Marshall in 1801 who reigned for 34 years allowing him time to do all sorts of mischief. Essentially, emulating God, he commanded that The Constitution was not to be taken at face value, but interpreted, giving the Federal Government powers not enumerated by arguably the most enlightened document in human history. In 1801, and now in 2024, you see what happens when the ordinary meddles with the extraordinary. What happens is this. Your country is indebted to the tune of 34 trillion clams. Millions of the People, idiots all, think judgment day will not come and they and anyone they love will not suffer. The U.S. Justice Department (DOJ, FBI, CIA, etc.) is corrupt to the core, operating what amounts to a crime syndicate. Millions of the People, idiots all, think this is conspiracy talk because this is America; and if that were true, somebody would do something about it. Who? Your Federal Authority has control of America’s Health Care, Education, Energy, Labor, Transportation, Banking, Commerce; and more recently, Mainstream Media. And that control means it has authority over you personally. Don’t doubt it for a minute. Millions of the People, idiots all, say there is no way thousands of media workers can be manipulated to behave in an evil way. If that were true, somebody would do something about it. Who? And there’s no way millions of the People could be brainwashed by the medical community; yet millions marched their little children, and some offered up their infants to receive the experimental Covid jab. Idiots all. And now the millions of MAGA People believe that next year Donald John Trump will save the day and America will once again be the “shining city on a hill.” Sorry to disabuse you of that expectation. Won’t happen, Matilda. The best Trump, or any other GOP candidate, could do is apply band-aids to the lacerations left behind by JB. The Border. Energy. Economy. Jobs. Basically attempt to undo the damage. But the 34 trillion? He may increase it as he did in 2016-20. Decrease the size and scope of Federal authority? Nope. Disband the CIA and start over? Nope. The FBI? Nope. Terminate thousands of Fed Deep State bureaucrats as Vivek recommended? Nope. Eliminate DOE? Nope. Nobody wants to hear the death knell, but it will ring louder and louder until the States of America decide to take back power as authorized by the Constitution of the United States, and until the Federal Government has only the limited jurisdiction allowed to it. Here’s the deal. The American people shouldn’t have to worry about some socialist asshole being elected president — as long as the States, in Putin’s words, are empowered to “do their own thing,” under the Law. The People shouldn’t have to worry about a Congress that is worse than the worst thief on the planet, free to commit fraud and spend your country into bankruptcy. Theft is a crime. Criminals should be imprisoned. Ten months from now, DT might be president elect — if he’s not taken out by the court system, or taken out by violence or fraud. But remember, the reason he lives day after day under the axe is because he remains a threat to important political people and their vested ($) interests — and even key players in his own Party don’t want him and never have. Had the GOP establishment united behind him during his term of office, and in ’20, he would today be a two-term president, relaxing at Mar-a-Lago; and Sleepy Joe would be making appearances somewhere looking for adolescent girls to nuzzle. Think of America. What if Biden had not been president? Lives and businesses lost by the millions. Think about it. Somebody should do something about it. Who?

Note: Nineteen States have approved the Convention of States Resolution to amend The Constitution — for the expressed purpose of placing limits on Federal Authority. This is the only remedy to save the Republic and its dedication to individual freedom.  Ed.




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