Nobody’s Perfect.

Ted Bundy was famous for revealing a riveting truth about himself. In doing so, he unwittingly revealed an inconvenient truth about many prominent individuals and many trusted institutions. He said that he was really a nice person when he wasn’t killing somebody . . well . . killing girls. What he wanted everyone to know was — to paraphrase — “most of the time I was a good guy.” In that farcical remark lies a deadly truth and bitter lesson — an unintentional, insightful tip from a serial killer — that Evil often conceals itself under a mantle of respectability. Think about what that means, Matilda. It means Evil doesn’t restrict itself to the Bundy side of the tracks. It often occupies the best of addresses. The renowned, 170-year-old NY Times, winner of 112 Pultizer Prizes, deservedly wears the cloak of respectability. In keeping with its reputation, The Times produces television advertising and long form videos that are dedicated to promoting its distinguished image. Beautifully produced in the best Hollywood tradition, these films proclaim Life Needs Truth and Truth Is Essential. The Times embarks on this PR campaign to profess to the world that Truth remains its enduring, scrupulous covenant with the people. You will stand before the world, therefore, and agree that The Times is a good newspaper — that is, when it isn’t lying, deceiving, manipulating, misleading, suppressing and colluding with political and special self interests — basically hiding its Evil under the cloak of righteousness. It’s no skin off your nose if The Times has a political agenda. Go for it, Editor Baquet; but, please sir, have the courage to confess that agenda — instead of covering up with the phony baloney “Truth is Essential.” Almost all other U.S. daily newspapers follow the NYT journalistic model. First, keep advertisers happy by offering obits, crosswords, local sports and civic happenings. Second, ignore news that discredits the Democrat Party. Third, serve up whatever swill is needed to support Biden administration Marxist policies. Above all — and this is essential — be a good newspaper — most of the time. It’s easy to pick on Media. Evil is visible, a daily slap in the kisser. Don’t get started on Broadcast Media; your life expectancy is limited. But the Bundy Syndrome is not restricted to Media. Pick whatever corner of society compels your interest. Philanthropists wallow in the adoration of their beneficiaries as they simultaneously use financial power to gain political influence and control. Congressmen and Senators, wearing their Zorro capes, in full view of the public at rallies or in broadcast studios, express their devotion to America and Her citizens. They promise to uphold The Constitution as public service stewards. And most of the time, like serial killers, they do. The rest of the time, they listen to how loud the money talks and how far it takes them. Most of the time, most elementary school teachers prepare kids to read, write, comprehend and analyze; and some of the time, some of those same teachers are compelled to indoctrinate, brainwash and tell budding minds what to think. As usual, under this barrage of judgment, you can feel the agitation and hear the cries of discord. It sounds something like this. Nobody’s perfect. You can pick anybody in any job and find a specific instance of misconduct, or lapse of judgment, or personal weakness — very often, a financial misdeed. Can you possibly imagine making 24-7 decisions as the chief editor of the NY Times? A few misleading headlines are bound to get by; some facts may be omitted. Even a lie will sneak through. Hundreds of thousands of Americans die every year because doctors make honest mistakes. So, get real — most of the time, most everyone, including you, is a “good person.” True enough. But in those rare moments when you do happen to falter, do people die? Do you destroy business and life savings? Do millions believe your lies and elect imposters? Do you engage in treason or tolerate treason? Do you accept bribe money in exchange for influence? Do you warp young minds and wreck families? Do you engender hate and incite hostility? Do you abandon a countryman on foreign shores? Do you believe pedophilia and sex trafficking are harmless, personal diversions? Decide for yourself. What constitutes Evil? It saunters by every day, dressed to the nines, looks you in the eye and grins that charismatic grin. You will always underestimate Evil. Ted Bundy knew that. And depended on it.

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