The Payoff.

FOR the most part, most Americans have no clue about what the Declaration of Independence and The U. S. Constitution — together – really mean. Assumptive at heart about “land-of-the-free” security, Americans generally believe these documents guarantee freedom. They go about their business, fully expecting what freedom promises — that they can own property, sell property, drive any car anywhere and own a gun. They can call the sitting President a jerk – in public. More important, they don’t fear military police patrolling the streets to demand ID’s and Passports (yet). But no, the American people still don’t fully grasp the origin of America’s liberty — that Freedom itself is the dazzling payoff of humanity’s transcendental bombshell – never before ordained by a ruling government.

                 Each Human Life is Sovereign.    

THE American Republic rests on this precept, and this precept alone — that each American — each life — is sovereign. Over time, you routinely repeat the opening sentence of the Declaration, while miserably failing to comprehend the enormity of what it truly declares. Regardless of circumstance, of social status, of material worth, of genetic difference — each American is equally sovereign, subservient to no person and no government — endowed with opportunity, with correlative accountability. With the responsibility for self determination and the responsibility for success or failure. At no other time in history has this relationship been codified within a civilized structure. Individual sovereignty is the wellspring of individual liberty — and Freedom is its moral and spiritual construct.

HOWEVER, amid the chaotic events of modern tribalism, the true nature of America’s essence has been violated. That transgression must be extinguished. New politicians, in particular, presidents, governors, congressmen, senators and other leaders must speak directly to America’s individuals. They must put aside constituencies. If Donald Trump should once again seek the highest office, you would urge him to make the case: “Everyone within the sound of my voice must understand something — I’m not speaking to you as Republicans or Democrats, or as African Americans, or Latin Americans, or European Americans, or Yankees, or Southerners, or white collar workers, or blue collar workers, or the rich, or the poor. I’m speaking to each of you and asking you to listen as if you and I are aloneface to face. I’m speaking to you as the sovereign individual you are, not you as a member of some party, or gang, or race, or nationality, or special interest group or some agenda-driven organization. I’m asking you tonight to know yourself as the unique individual you are — to think for yourself, not what your friends think, not what your social circle thinks and definitely not what you hear broadcast by Media hucksters. Listen to only one voice — your voice. After you hear what I have to say, or to what anyone else says — listen to your inner voice, the voice that speaks to you and commands your life.”

AMERICA wasn’t created for its government — everything in the Declaration of Independence and in the Constitution was dedicated to your individual freedom — because you are sovereign. The founding documents were not written to boost the growth and power of the Federal Government — in fact, these renowned documents were written precisely for a contrary purpose to limit the growth, jurisdiction and power of a centralized government. Pay attention. Read the documents. You will find nothing in them about growing governments. They were written and ratified by “we the people” to unshackle the enormous potential of individuals working toward their own self interest. You know this — unequivocally. It was individual freedom that unleashed the greatest accomplishment the world has ever seen. Whatever else you may think, Matilda, never make the mistake of believing that your Federal Government conceived that shining city on the hill and crafted her divinely unique footprint. Free individuals – you are America.

IF people the world over would honor and follow the Ten Commandments, imagine the outcome. If Americans would honor and follow The Constitution, imagine the outcome. If all Americans would put aside their loyalty to a group identity, and render their judgments and attitudes — individual to individual — imagine the outcome. Racism, prejudice, bigotry and every other hate-filled “ism” is based on dumping member individuals into a common, group-think barrel. The Founders gave us a way out of this unhallowed abyss. We ignore them at our peril. 

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  1. Very well stated and absolutely true in every respect. People tend to get complacent in their day-to-day lives and don’t seem to react to these things until pushed off the cliff, as I hope they are today under the Peoples Republic of Biden rule group. Looking forward to Trump again!!!

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