What Would Dilbert Say?

Dilbert creator Scott Adams declared that the “anti-vaxxers were right all along.” The celebrated cartoonist repeated the assertion again and again in a recent podcast. He actually called the anti vaccine crowd “winners.” You might say, “Well, he’s just one person; what’s the big deal?” It’s like this. He might possibly be the first pro-vaccine, entertainment celebrity to shout publicly that he was on the wrong side of the Covid 19 issue. But once you get to know the man, his admission isn’t all that surprising. For one thing, he’s no ideologue. Two, he’s self made. Three, he seems grounded in common sense and truth, however offset they may be by his affinity for audacity. His politics tell a vacillating story. He supported Trump for seriously pragmatic reasons; yet in 2017 described himself as “left of Bernie Sanders, but with a preference for plans that can work.” Recently, according to Wikipedia, “Dilbert was pulled from an estimated 77 newspapers after . . . the strip poked fun at WOKE culture and corporate ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) strategies.” Your best guess is that Scott Adams is a deeply complicated soul, perhaps living on the (Seinfeldian)ledge. Regardless, you must take issue with his anti-vaxx, “winners” oration. Scott, there are no winners in the ongoing, chaotic, double-down, Covid policies of the U.S. Governmental Health Agencies (unless it’s Pharma’s bottom line). To his credit, Adams admitted that people who said NO to the jab were and are not pariahs. But he’s just one voice. He doesn’t speak for millions who still glance sideways, disapprovingly, at those who refuse the jab. And he still insists on using the term anti-vaxxer. It’s bogus, Matilda. The people who refused the jab are not anti-vaxxers. They simply were not willing to submit to an experimental mRNA inoculation. Family and friends asked. “Why?” And you in turn asked them, “Why?” You had your reasons. You haven’t seen their list, but tend to guess it reasonably consists of one item: fear. Your laundry list is a bit longer.

Your list:

1. Early on, for years, mRNA researchers could never keep their experiments from killing animals in the lab.
2. Early on, seasoned scientists said the mRNA jab isn’t a true vaccine.  Rather,  it is gene therapy.
3. Early on, many physicians and scientists worldwide touted early treatment, repurpose drugs to be very effective and very safe in treating CV, saving thousands of lives.
4. Meanwhile, these doctors and early treatment drugs were vilified by the U.S. media industrial complex and by Federal health agencies. You had to ask why.
5. Early on, hospitalized CV patients were denied early, life saving treatment. You had to ask why.
6. Early on, State health agencies and major drug outlets banned access to early treatment drugs prescribed by personal family physicians. You had to ask why.
7. Early on, the responsible health agencies and all those who owned the media microphone lied repeatedly about the safety and efficacy of gene therapy. And still do.

So your answer to the question is kindergarten simple. Early on, notable scientists and physicians were waving red flags like crazy for anyone who cared to listen and learn. They were bullied and threatened. The country was in a calamitous lock-down. Most important, one-sided media suppression and propaganda were implemented right out of Joseph Goebbles’ playbook. So the question for Scott Adams is: Given your penchant for digging into human behavior, why did you buy whole-hog into the Covid narrative?  Was there not a single moment in almost three years that you asked yourself, “Isn’t something — possibly — fishy here?”

To be fair, the vaccinated and unvaccinated shouldn’t be at odds. They chose honestly and sincerely. This is not a game played by winners and losers. America’s a free country. Individuals should be free to manage their health. That said, however, it’s past time for all media outlets to adopt a policy of open debate and full disclosure. Everyone in America is a loser until 2nd amendment rights are fully honored, until the doctor/patient relationship is vigilantly honored, until the mask is ripped away to expose the true face of U. S. Covid policy. Who, who exactly, is afraid of open debate. And why?

Meanwhile, you want to know what Dilbert thinks about all this.



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