The Faces Of Theft.

Theft has many faces. Many are unknown, easily missed, perhaps unrecognizable. But most are as visible as the sun and as obvious as the rain. It’s easy enough to dismiss the face of petty theft like shoplifting, especially if you think U.S. retailers deserve to eat $100 billion annually. Likewise, the face of embezzlement means very little to the rank and file, and only makes headlines because white collar crimes are scandalous. The face of fraud can be more devastating. Ask the victims of Bernie Madoff who destroyed thousands of lives. On a physically dangerous level, home invasion theft shows its face to approximately 2.5 million victims each year. The ultimate face of theft — murder — steals the lives of about 25K people. Each year, about half the cases go unsolved. All violent crime — vandalism, assault, kidnapping, rape — is a form of theft. But most revolting is the loathsome face of pedophilia that steals a child’s innocence. You therefore continue to be persuaded that theft is the underlying nucleus of all iniquity. Stealing a possession. Stealing a country. Stealing a life. Carried out by individuals, theft thankfully has its limits, as devastating as those limits may still prove to be for thousands of American families. It’s up to you to deal with theft on that personal level. But when the face of theft resides at the institutions of authority — within the very Republic for which you stand — within the White House itself, for instance — you are at the mercy of an unprincipled thief who operates on a scale of mass proportions. Willfully, Joe Biden is instigating an inflationary economic policy that day by day steals the wages of every worker and the savings of every retiree. With his decision to desert Afghanistan, he stole the lives of 13 members of the U.S. military, and abandoned billions of dollars of U.S, property. In N.C. and many other states, the face of theft occupies Governors’ mansions. The Governor of your state bled the livelihoods of thousands by shutting down small business owners; and worse, he extinguished lives by banning the use of early treatment drugs to treat Covid 19. Meanwhile, vaccine pushers in government, medicine, media and tech, are directly complicit in wholesale theft — namely, the spread of injury and death. Look around. Who cares? Living victims? Surely. Their families and close friends? Yes. Their fellow citizens? Nothing doing. And history tells you — short of outright war, the titanic faces of theft are above the law, impervious to judgment. Sadly, such is the case in America. You stare pointblank at metastatic atrocity, happening in real time. You and millions like you are eyewitnesses. All the while, football stadiums are crammed; your newly elected Senator begins his tenure by asking for money to do his job; the House GOP is poised to do God knows what; Jan. 6 protestors languish in prison, forgotten; Biden wants to eliminate gas stoves; astonishingly, millions line up for gene therapy boosters; critical race theory and sexual indoctrination remain embedded in elementary classrooms; Congress takes the national debt to 32 trillion; the C-40 crowd  pushes its climate change extortion; the Supreme Court remains a spectator of The Constitution’s molestation; cardiac arrest is daily news; and the leading face of theft in America –JB — is home free, knowing he and his cohorts are untouchable and will pay no price for their depravity.

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