According to the laws governing human nature, persons who commit crime can never escape the torment of a guilty conscience. Sorry, Matilda, you don’t buy it. You will agree that a percentage of criminals have some measure of remorse and others may truly experience anguish over evil acts. But when it comes to acts of homicide, you want to believe that murderers never get away with it. For instance, when a killer skates free, and many do, how many times have people said something like, “They will never rest and eventually they will wind up paying for their sins.” OK, say that’s true.  Say that  murderers like Willie Lopez (Ghost, 1990) eventually will experience (as he did) abject terror when the Spooks from Hell drag them down into the eternal pit. In reality, and more likely, killers who get away with it couldn’t care less about Hell. In fact, they are relieved to escape exposure, and either double down on a life of crime or decide to secretly behave as pillars of their communities. Then there are the big-shots in America  who commit capital crimes in broad daylight and neither Lady Justice nor the People hold them accountable. These dirt bags who operate above the law are guilty of killing more people than the worst serial killers in history.

You can start with JB who began his political career as a serial liar and plagiarist. Delaware kept him in office long enough to see him abandon Americans in Afghanistan where 13 members of the U.S. military died. This, mind you, is none other than the Commander in Chief who left his troops to die in vain and let the enemy confiscate America’s precious property. How do taxpayers feel about that gift? How do Delaware voters feel about their hero? True, he didn’t personally pull the triggers but he gave the order to cut and run. How do thousands of American families feel now about their sons, daughters, husbands and wives who shed their blood on Afghan soil? Compared to JB, Willie Lopez was a nonentity. But Willie’s in the Abyss and JB loiters in the Oval Office.  True to form, still spouting lies: “C’mon, get the vaccine. The vaccine is perfectly safe.”

Led by the infamous T. Fauci, the leaders of America’s Health agencies also have a date to meet Willie. The CDC, FDA, NIH, WHO and God knows how many other government bosses, purposefully OUTLAWED the use of early treatment repurpose drugs for Covid 19 patients at HIGH RISK, with the knowledge that these drugs are safe, effective and life saving. This arguably is the most egregious crime in America’s medical history. Your obedient hospital administrators and medical personnel offered NO early treatment, save the dreaded ventilator and toxic Remdesivir. Now get this straight, no matter how much you want it to be a lie. Thousands of doctors worldwide were begging for early treatment because early treatment was saving thousands of lives; but your State health agency and your complicit pharmacy REFUSED to fill a doctor’s prescription for proven drugs. DENIED Americans the freedom to mange their own health — to save their own lives. They refused and hundreds of thousands of Americans died needlessly. It wasn’t and isn’t a thoughtless MISTAKE. That’s not the word. The word is genocide.

The dictatorial Governor of your State and many other States, aided and abetted by State Health Agencies, enforced the Fauci edict denying repurpose drugs, as well as validating vaccine mandates. Today, your Governor sits for interviews, smug, self satisfied, virtuous and guiltless, as the sympathetic savior of his People. And what do the People think of him? At least one citizen thinks the Guv and certain other State officials and lawmakers should visit Willie. ASAP.

And don’t forget the polluted Legacy Media. TV and Big Tech execs in lock step followed Biden and Fauci orders. Never mention early treatment. Lie about repurpose drugs. Suppress the recommendations of  leading scientists, virologists, practicing physicians and those few politicians who were blowing the whistle. Media bosses and their incredibly stupid and self absorbed talking heads are guilty of crimes against humanity.

You haven’t heard one leader in power say, “I’m sorry, We made mistakes. I made critical mistakes. I failed to support the life-saving value of early treatment. I’m responsible. My behavior and decisions were such that I have no recourse but to submit my resignation for the office I now hold.” You will never hear these words from Joe Biden. And that realization tells you all you need to know about the man and thousands of his accomplices.

Willie was a murderous punk and he paid the price. You can only pray and hope the Spooks will eventually wrap their shrouds around those who believe they got away with it.


Ed. Note: Within the last 2-3 months, TV public service announcements have begun recommending early treatment for Covid, touting newly released drugs from Pharma. Funny. Not ha-ha. No mention of the existing, cheap repurpose drugs. The DC power structure relies on the majority of Americans being clueless. Admittedly, very, very few of your friends mention early treatment with repurpose drugs. Or display any outrage. Are Americans clueless? Most likely. Or they simply believe the propaganda. In the 1940’s, the German people wouldn’t believe there were death camps. Go figure.


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