Look Around.

Brilliant French philosopher, scientist, and mathematician Rene Descartes lived 54 years (1596-1650). In that brief span he authored a vision of the natural world that still shapes thought today. Perhaps his two most recognized quotes are:

“I think, therefore I am,” and “Question everything.”

You can only imagine what Monsieur Descartes’ might think of the lock-down hysteria that accompanied America’s response to Covid. Almost certainly, were he a 21st century U.S. citizen, he would be discredited, suppressed and threatened for daring to “question anything.” And most likely he would be bashed for recommending that his fellow Americans might actually “think” instead of walking in lock-step. To be fair, the good news is that 20% of the millions do think. And they conclude that Covid governmental policy was and is a far greater threat to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness than any virus and any variant. The threat is excruciatingly real. It is, simply put, the escalating advance of a grinding dictatorship — namely, that the U.S. Federal Government has used the CV pandemic as an excuse to seize total control of the healthcare industry; and with it, total control of all American domestic life. If you happen to disagree with that assertion, Matilda, take a look around. Talk with the Florida physician who was “escorted” to the street by police for endorsing Ivermectin at a hospital conference. Talk to other doctors threatened by medical boards or to nurses fearing for their jobs. Examine in real dollars how deliberately fabricated inflation has affected your income, savings, cost of living and escalating debt. If you dare, listen to the drum of war echoing from China, Russia and Iran. Or, if you like, shrug off the echoes as idle threats and saber rattling. Anyway, according to the new generation of brilliant minds, killing off America’s young warriors in a war is the price you must willingly pay for America’s nefarious, racist history. BTW, you can ask grief stricken families what they think about death in Afghanistan. While you’re shrugging, tell yourself a 32 trillion dollar debt has nothing to do with you. Tell yourself that right wingers are blowing smoke about so-called indoctrination of school kids. Teachers, administrators and school boards aren’t evil, for Pete’s sake. And worrying about CANCEL CULTURE and WOKE is a waste of time. What is WOKE, anyway? Millions of people who have jobs can tell you what it is, but not in public. Besides, how can any fair minded individual speak against DEI. Diversity is good. Equity is fair. Inclusion is righteous. Yep, ask your favorite CEOs. They will gush proudly over their WOKE leadership. It’s just a damn shame these moral principles have to be forced primarily upon insubordinate white males. Well, it serves them right.  White male supremacists after all were responsible for America’s founding and all Her evil ways. While you’re at it, stay away from windbags who say the Covid jab is killing and injuring thousands. You will hear them say young people are suddenly dropping dead. So what? Everyone knows people drop dead. They have been dropping dead for centuries. But, if you’re thinking about digging into these dreadful, jab-related allegations, remember, you haven’t heard one corroborating word about them from the NY Times, The Washington Post, ABC, NBC, CBS,  MSNBC, CNN, etc. If there was some sort of a vaccine fire burning, they would at least have reported some smoke, n’est-ce pas? No doubt about it. That is, after all, the media’s job. Therefore, it’s just as well that you relax, ignore the gloom and doom and let the media watchdogs do the thinking and the watching for you. Oh, you can still look around if you want. You can learn that your government courageously arrested over 900 terrorists on Jan. 6, sentenced over 300 of them and detained dozens who still languish in prison. You have it on good authority that hundreds in the DOJ and Capitol Police will receive medals for heroism in preventing the overthrow of the U. S. Government by this frenzied mob of unarmed civilians. By comparison to Jan. 6, you remember that many activists connected to Antifa and BLM burned, looted, destroyed property and murdered people in many U.S. cities without suffering criminal prosecution. But then, you quickly must agree that they were suffering under the horror of systemic racism. They obviously had just cause to retaliate against random business owners and pedestrians. Well, are you through looking around?  Forget the Chinese spy balloons. Nothing  you can do about that. Or about the trashing of God.  Or Christianity. Or the breakdown of the nuclear family. Or any of the cornball, moralistic, traditional beliefs like individual responsibility. None of that stuff  can coexist with socialism, much less communism. When you look around, socialism isn’t really all that detectable, is it? Come to think of it, neither is the slow spread of cancer cells.

Ed. Note: Rene Descartes lived during the second wave of the Bubonic Plague (Black Death).  The second pandemic saw a more virulent form of the disease, which killed two and a half million people. Death rate between 60-90 percent.




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