Little Red Wagon.

You have to feel sorry for yourself and for people like you. You and millions of other Americans can make no claim of being a victim of racism. You are the offspring of Middle Eastern immigrants. They were poor. Obviously so were you. They were economically embattled. Obviously so were you. They were discriminated against, didn’t fit in. Neither did you. But the word racism never passed their lips.  Likewise, you followed in their footsteps and bit your tongue no matter what. That was yesterday. If you were to squawk today, no one — not one soul — would listen because, under no circumstances, can you be a victim of racism. First and foremost, you have white skin. Last time you looked, you are, biologically speaking, male. Third, you have, so far, chosen to be heterosexual. Fourth, you are Christian, believing in God, the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. Fifth, you own a small business. Sixth, you don’t seek or receive Federal welfare payments. Seventh, you pay local, State and federal taxes. Many millions of other Americans fit this ordinary description, including millions of your female counterparts. But now, as far as you can tell, every other American is a victim of racism and/or discrimination. In varying percentages, that would include Black Americans, Hispanic Americans, LGBTQ+ Americans, Asian Americans, Muslim Americans, Female Americans, Jewish Americans and  dozens of other hyphenated Americans. Significantly, most of these victims identify with one or more support groups (NAACP, BLM, NOW, ADL IGLA, etc.) and most are racist victims of somebody.

The question you ask incessantly is this: Who is somebody? If somebody is responsible for racism in America, who is it? Or who are they? Through process of elimination, there can be only one suspect.


There is no one else to accuse. And now there’s proof that you do qualify as a racist.  Dilbert creator Scott Adams blew up the media establishment by suggesting that Black people are a hate group. Adams cited a Rasmussen survey that reported “nearly half of all Black Americans do not agree with the phrase that ‘It’s okay to be white.’ ” To which Adams replied: . . . . “based on the current way things are going, the best advice I would give to White people is to get the hell away from Black people.”

Adams’ language leaves no room for interpretation. Naturally, the media moguls and PC Police unanimously denounced him a racist. He’s toast. But since you think his remarks seem logical, you must be racist as well. Certifiably. So be it. In your view, Adams suggests that those who cry “racism” are themselves racist.  It’s the chicken/egg debate. It’s tit for tat. In any event, the racism uproar in America is a massive red herring — a power and money grab by agitators. It’s called extortion. Stoke the mob. Arouse hatred. Magnify hostility. Incite riots. Behind the mob are hundreds of 501c3’s stirring the pot and padding their hip pockets. If this harsh rebuke isn’t enough, consider that those who embrace group identity are the true racists, and they operate unchallenged in the public arena.

Accordingly, the only persons universally condemned as racist are white Christian males (who are not university professors).

No one really knows what any individual of any race thinks. You can guess and generalize. Biden voters want something from government; so likely they would hate your view of group identity. But so would people who read this. Plenty of hyphenated Americans, who reject group identity, pridefully march to their own drums, asking for and expecting nothing. They are America’s future. You pridefully walk with them. Resolutely, you choose to interact with individuals of any tribe or any stripe — in accord with The Constitution. Respect their right to run their own little red wagons, to think as they wish, say what they want, drink what they want, smoke what they want, offend whom they want, hire and fire whom they want, support whom they want. Be prejudiced, tolerant, bigoted, generous or miserly. Love or hate. Be a racist. It’s their little red wagon, Matilda, as long as they obey the laws of the land. In other words, live and let live, without  interference from a meddling government that unconstitutionally picks winners and losers.



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