Boycott. Now.


Ed. Note: in the history of Fodder, this post is the most brief and abrupt.

It’s sick.

By now everyone who has even a remote interest in sport has heard that Novak Djokovic is denied entry into the United States to play at Miami and Indian Wells. He has been denied because he has not been vaccinated. The denying party is the United States Government. This action alone is proof that the U.S. is under the control of idiot despots, a regime populated by criminals and fools. Every Democrat Party leader, every Democrat voter and all other Americans should finally wake up to the madness, the psychopathy, the sheer absurdity that is in charge of the tragedy that is America. What decent American family of any race would allow Joe Biden in the front door? What decent American family has an iota of respect for DHS chief tyrant Alejandro Mayorkas? Djokovic is barred while hordes pour through the Southern border — the unjabbed, the unknown, the unlawful, and often the unwell. The Covid and vaccine narratives have finally been unmasked and peeled naked; yet the shameless Legacy Media chokes on the truth. There is a solution to the madness. Every international tennis player should stand with Novak and boycott America. Every American should rock the foundation of a corrupt administration — boycott all college and professional sporting events. Inconvenient? Yes. Unfair? Yes. A lot to ask? No. And Hell no.

P.S. Djokovic recovered from Covid, twice.

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